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Mar Vista: LA’s Green Oasis

Mar Vista the Green Oasis

Neighborhood Files: This post is the second in a series that highlights local neighborhoods in the Southland. I am an unabashed Booster for my neighborhood. Mar Vista has got so much going for it, including a small-town feel, proximity to the beach, an awesome weekly Farmer’s Market, and actual vistas of the Mar (ocean), at least from the tops of the hills. But the best thing about Mar Vista is ... Read More »

Is It Safe To Raise Your Kids In L.A.?

The Girls and I enjoy Catalina.  An L.A. oasis a boat ride away.

We live in an upper middle-class neighborhood between Pico and Olympic Boulevards in West L.A.  We’ve heard gunshots, loud helicopters, drug-addled, homeless Jesus Advocates, horns of Starbucks-amped commuters and quite particularly the mating cry of a feral cat named Jafar who is the lusty owner of a pair of particularly intimidating cat balls. We’ve seen an armed robbery at the Bank of America (okay, our neighbor Claudia saw it, but ... Read More »

Once a Mother Always a Mother

Child's Drawing of Family

  Parenting After Diapers: This post is the  second in a series about what it’s like to parent children from middle school to adulthood.  “I can’t wait until the baby can speak so I know what she wants” turns into “Will she ever stop asking questions?!” “I can’t wait until the baby can walk so we can play together” turns into “I can’t keep up with this child” “I can’t ... Read More »

The Shock of the Load of High School Homework

Back to School

I didn’t get much sleep last night. How could I? My teenage daughter was still up at 2:00 A.M., printing out her homework assignments. We have a small house, and the noise from the printer carries into our bedroom. Did I mention it was Sunday? Yes, she could probably do a better job of managing her time. She would not have been in this situation if she had tackled some ... Read More »

Seafood… the good, the bad and the beautiful


A mini overview of sustainability, Bluewater Grill and what I learned about caviar! I have always been a seafood lover… given the choice of lobster or steak… lobster hands down…teriyaki chicken or miso cod… absolutely, miso cod… so, I was thrilled to be invited to ‘The Sustainable Seafood Summit’ at Bluewater Grill in Redondo Beach. It was informative and so delicious! (Special thanks to the fabulous Romy!) As an event ... Read More »

First Friday Food Trucks Westchester-LAX

first friday

Neighborhood Files: This post is the first in a series that highlights local neighborhoods in the Southland. Grab the family and head over to Westchester’s First Friday which always takes place where Truxton Ave and 87th meet.   I always try and plan dinner around it because, unlike some of the other truck stops, this one is very family friendly and provides a place for the neighborhood to come together. I remember ... Read More »

Back-to-School Lunches


Believe it or not, the person in our family who has been dreading the start of the school year the most is me. When school starts, there are no more lazy mornings. The kids have to be out the door before 8 am, with school clothes on, teeth brushed, homework done, breakfast in their bellies, and a nutritious lunch in their backpacks. Just thinking about getting back into the routine ... Read More »

Most Needed Back to School Supply: Patience

Photo: Stock Xchng/mrsmas

Parenting After Diapers: This post is the  first in a series about what it’s like to parent children from middle school to adulthood.  On the eve of my daughter’s first day of middle school as she was preparing her backpack, she commented, “wow, I’m going to middle school and Sylvia [her sister] is starting high school! We’re really growing up, aren’t we?” You certainly are. My preparation for their entry ... Read More »

The School Year May Be Seven Days Shorter. What’s A Working Mom To Do?

Shortened school day means less learning more childcare

According to a piece on the state’s budget shortfall that ran in last month’s Los Angeles Times, lawmakers may wind up cutting seven days off the 2011-2012 academic school year.   I don’t know about you, but this working mom is steamed at the prospect. It’s not fair to kids, and it’s not fair to parents — especially working parents — either.   I know the budget’s a problem, but really, shouldn’t the length ... Read More »

The Price of Living in a Fish Bowl – Reality Television at Its Worst

Credit: Andercismo

You know we’re all guilty of it, that fascination of watching other peoples dramatic lives unfold on television. I hereby declare myself guilty as charged for feeding into the reality TV monster fad. I can’t even imagine life without “Ice Loves Coco” on E! Online, “Jersey Shore” on MTV or “Flipping Out” on Bravo. Nevertheless, I wonder has our fascination with reality television gone too far? Has our need for ... Read More »