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When Your Kids Are Taller Than You

Our Family Growth Chart

I am a normal-sized woman, which is to say, I feel short around most adult men and some adult women when they wear heels. And I am used to that feeling. But the feeling I still have trouble getting used to it looking slightly UP when I look into my son’s eyes. This Teenager who lives in my home is now so much taller than me, it seems quite ridiculous ... Read More »

The 5 Best Things About Getting Cable TV

Time_Warner_Cable logo

Time Warner has won me over with their promises of bundles and of hundreds of channels. And I do not say that lightly. I have spent the past 8 years without Cable TV in my house, mostly out of a desire to be thrifty, but also out of a healthy – and well-deserved – fear of my potentially overwhelming TV addiction. You see, I might watch TV All Day if ... Read More »

Earthquake Insurance: Is It Worth It?


This Saturday, January 17th, is the 21st Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake, and as a Los Angeles resident, it’s a date that always gives me pause. I made it through the Northridge Quake in fine health (and you can read about Sarah’s Northridge Earthquake Experience here), but I wasn’t a homeowner then, so any damage done to the structure of my rented home wouldn’t have been my responsibility anyway. I ... Read More »

Los Angeles Tourism Up in 2014

slider Mike Bonin and Mayor Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles hosted a record 43.4 Millions visitors in 2014, an increase of 1.2 million over 2013 levels, which means billions of dollars being pumped into the LA economy, at attractions, restaurants, stores and hotels, and that puts Los Angeles on track to meet Mayor Eric Garcetti’s goal of attracting 50 million visitors per year by 2020. And is it any wonder why all these tourists are coming to Los ... Read More »

I’m A Mac, No Matter The Cost

new macbook pro laptop

Remember those commercials with John Hodgman and Justin Long? “I’m a Mac” “And I’m a PC”. The point was supposed to be that the Mac Dude was so much cooler and hipper than the stodgy old PC guy, but the irony of course was that John Hodgman was – and is – such a much better actor and guy than Justin Long, it was just too easy to side with ... Read More »

Kodak PixPro SL25 Remote Lens Product Review

Kodak PixPro SL25 lens attached to my iPhone

I love taking pictures and am always looking for an easy way to make my photos look phenomenal. I say easy because I take pictures on the fly, usually using my iPhone, and I’m addicted to the convenience that offers. I don’t always want to carry around a DSLR, but I love the quality you can get with a bigger lens. I am also always on the lookout for an ... Read More »

Chinese Chicken Salad Wonton Cups Recipe

Chinese Chicken Salad Wontons

These Chinese Chicken Salad Wonton Cups are one of the easiest – and yet most impressive-looking – appetizers you can serve at a cocktail party. You will look like the Martha Stewart of your Book Club every time you show up with these beauties, trust me. And they really are easy. They just take a little prep time. The key is to make the wonton cups ahead of time and ... Read More »

Lakehouse Hotel & Resort Review

Lakehouse hotel & resort seen from across the Lake

The Lakehouse Hotel & Resort in Lake San Marcos, CA is a perfect place to take the family for a chill-out, relaxation vacation. It’s a quiet, comfortable place to spend time reading, watching birds, lounging by the pool, or watching the sunset. Or, if you’re the adventurous types, you can rent kayaks or electric motor boats and motor around Lake San Marcos, which the hotel adjoins, or play golf at the ... Read More »

My New Year’s Resolutions 2015


Yes, I am, I’m making New Year’s Resolutions and I don’t care who knows it. I guess you could think of it more as Goal-Setting if that makes you feel better. Ready? Here goes: 1. Weight Loss The perennial fixture on my list, I have had a good track record of weight loss the past few years and I feel like I can really achieve my personal goal this year. ... Read More »

LA Cookie Con: Sweet Fun for the Whole Family

LA Cookie Con & Sweets Show

Can you imagine a convention all about Desserts? Well, it’s called LA Cookie Con and it’s coming to Pasadena on January 25th. There will be sweets and treats galore – and fun for the whole family, with baking contests, baking demos, the First Annual Dessert Table Contest, plus celebrity bakers and oh, so much more. “LA’s Biggest Pastry Party” is the brainchild of Nancy Tei, a sweet-tooth from way-back, who ... Read More »

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