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California’s Drought: $500 Fines For Wasting Water

My Front Yard today - no water and drought-tolerant plants

My front yard is greener than yours. I say that with the hope that you know I mean “Green” in the sense of helping the environment and not in the sense of color, and I also say that with the near certainty that I am right: My front yard is filled with drought-tolerant plants, but most people in Los Angeles still have lawns, lawns that need to be and are ... Read More »

Plan Check: New Kids’ Menu + Just Terrific Food

fried chicken with okra

Plan Check, a local restaurant chain opening their 3rd & 4th outlets soon in Downtown LA and Pasadena, has just launched their new Kids’ Menu to much fanfare – and it’s worth all the hype. This food is terrific, whether it was intended for kids or not. The kids’ menu is not a collection of food items parents would never eat. No, this is a re-working of their Adult Menu ... Read More »

Ask Alfred Launches at Millennium Hotels in the US

ask alfred

The scene at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles was adorable pandemonium, as kids and their parents were invited to sample mini-muffins, juice boxes and pb&j’s to celebrate the launch of the Ask Alfred Children’s Concierge in the US on July 10th. The Ask Alfred Children’s Concierge is available as an add-on amenity to any room package for just $15 per child, and you can surprise your little ... Read More »

Cost Plus Summer Giveaway: Outdoor Entertaining

Cost Plus World Market Giveaway

Summer’s here and the time is right to entertain outdoors! Cost Plus World Market has tons of great decorations and tableware to make any party into a fabulous party. And we’re giving away a little set that’s perfect for Summer! Couldn’t you just see yourself at this table? I know I could. If you win, you’ll get the fish plate, the 4 condiment bowls, the serving set and the candle ... Read More »

Dining (and Drinking) in Sunriver & Bend, Oregon

Dining and Drinking in Sunriver and Bend, Oregon

This is the 3rd of three posts about our recent family vacation in Sunriver & Bend, Oregon. Please read the first one, which is a detailed review of the Sunriver resort, and the second, which was about family activities in Central Oregon. Dining in Bend and Sunriver, Oregon People in Bend & Sunriver, Oregon like to eat. Or at least, when my family and I were in Bend and Sunriver, ... Read More »

Paint My Teez: Crafty Fun w/ T-shirts & Hats in West LA

Soleiman, the owner of Paint My Teez

Paint My Teez is a cool new shop in West LA where you and your kids can paint T-shirts, hats, aprons, tote bags (and probably a dozen other things) and have crafty fun while you’re doing it! Think of it as Color Me Mine for wearables and you’ve got the picture. Soleiman, the owner of the shop, has fabric paint and markers in every color you could want, and even ... Read More »

Scared Scriptless by Alison Sweeney

Scared Scriptless collage

Alison Sweeney is the kind of woman who might inspire envy and dislike, given the fact that she’s an accomplished Actress, Reality TV Hostess, Mother and Author, if it weren’t for the fact that she’s about as nice a person you’ll ever meet in your life, which means it’s impossible not to like her instantly. And then I found out her new novel, Scared Scriptless, features a Script Supervisor for a main ... Read More »

Door Dash Review + Discount Code

Door Dash Delivery

Most days I have a dinner plan in place and the weekly grocery shopping has been done so the supplies are in the pantry. But some days, that just doesn’t happen. Some days the boys and I are in the middle of doing things and no one wants to stop and those days we get take-out dinner. Most places we order from are pretty standard take-out food joints, but I ... Read More »

Roasted Zucchini and Red Peppers

roasted zucchini and ingredients collage

Summer means an abundance of Zucchini and that means we are always looking for new things to do with the bounty. If you find your home garden overflowing or if your neighbors drop off a bunch, which is what happened to me, give this super easy and super tasty “recipe” a try. The bonus is that the resulting mixture can be eaten many ways: as a main dish for Meatless ... Read More »

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s First Year in Office #1LA

selfie with Los Angeles Mayor (Eric Garcetti)

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti celebrated his First Year in Office yesterday with a whistle-stop tour of the City and a party at City Hall. Seems like he’s been there even longer, doesn’t it? I feel like he was meant for this office, having practically been raised to do it his whole life, and his love for this City is palpable. And you gotta love a Mayor on Twitter and ... Read More »

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