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LA’s Top: Best Holiday Shows for Kids in Los Angeles

Best Christmas Shows for Kids in Los Angeles - MomsLA

‘Tis the season for joy and laughter most especially from our children. If you’re looking to broaden their stage production horizons we’ve curated a list of the best Holiday shows for kids in Los Angeles just for you. Each of these shows will put stars in their eyes and joy in their hearts. Happy Holidays! Bob Baker’s The Nutcracker 1345 West First Street Los Angeles, CA 90026 Phone: (213) 250-9995 More Information The Bob ... Read More »

LA’s Top: Thanksgiving Staycations in Los Angeles 


Thanksgiving is the time of the year that we have the opportunity to celebrate all that we are thankful for, not to forget to mention the opportunity to stuff ourselves silly with Turkey and all the fixins. Sometimes that belly-busting meal is worth more thanks when you don’t have to prepare it yourself. We’ve gathered up a list of the best Thanksgiving Staycations in Los Angeles so you can unwind, relax, be ... Read More »

LA’s Top: Best Places to Experience Fall in Southern California 


Here in Southern California we may not experience fall quite like the rest of the country, but that doesn’t mean we are completely absent of slightly cooler weather and the changing color of leaves. As the days become shorter, trees respond to the decreasing amount of light by producing less chlorophyll. The green color disappears and the yellow and orange colors become visible in the leaves as part of their fall splendor. ... Read More »

New Fall Cuisine at Jenny Craig #JennyCraigFood 

Jenny Craig Turkey and Wild Rice - MomsLA

Jenny Craig has just launched a lineup of new foods and seasonal goodies just in time for Fall. The new foods include Loaded Baked Potato, Italian Style Pasta Bake, Classic Waffles, Chocolate Peppermint Cake (seasonal), Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, Pumpkin Loaf (seasonal), Pumpkin Spice Cakes (Seasonal), Homestyle Beef Pot Roast, Classic Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Turkey & Wild Rice, Apple Crisp, Chocolate Lava Cake and the Strawberry Yogurt Anytime Bar. We were fortunate ... Read More »

LA’s Top: The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles 


Cup of joe, dirt, java, brew, go-go juice…there are many names for a cup of coffee. Whatever you call it, coffee is a way of life for many Los Angelenos and that’s why we’ve curated a list of the 10 Best Coffee Shops in LA that aren’t just a place grab a cup of beans, but a place to gather, socialize and enjoy nature’s caffeine bounty. Bricks and Scones 403 North ... Read More »

LA’s Top: Best Places to Get Halloween Decorations in Southern California 

Best Places to Get Halloween Decoration in Southern California (Roger's Garden's Pictured) - MomsLA

If you’re the type to go all out for All Hallows’ Eve with witches, ghouls and eerie spider webs or even if you like to go the classy route with black lace and candelabras then you’ve got to check out our list of the best places to get Halloween decorations in Southern California. We’ve created this massive list to pick up the best decorations in LA, OC, IE and even Ventura ... Read More »

LA’s Top: Best Live Audiences to be a Part of in Los Angeles

Let's Make A Deal

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a live audience? You’re in luck, whether you live here or you’re visiting sunny Los Angeles and you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to be a part of – we’ve created a list the best live audiences to be a part of in Los Angeles. From game shows to daytime talk shows we’ve got your covered! Just don’t forget that ... Read More »

LA’s Top: Best Bike Trails for Kids in Los Angeles


Bicycles represent all that is awesome about being a kid – fun, freedom and plenty of fresh air. With near perfect weather year round in Southern California it’s almost inconceivable not to strap on a helmet and hop on a bike to enjoy an All-American kids favorite pastime outside. If you’re looking to get out beyond your street to go on a bit further of a bike ride with your ... Read More »

LA’s Top: Best Mom’s Night Out Destinations in Los Angeles


  Every mom could use a night away from life’s daily stresses to blow off a little steam. And LA is one of the best cities in Southern California to do just that. From drag queen bars to elegant and sophisticated nail salon’s we’ve rounded up the best mom’s night out destinations in Los Angeles to have a great time. Tortilla Republic 616 N. Robertson Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 ... Read More »

LA’s Top: Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Southern California


Most dogs love the beach. Running in the sand and water while the sea air blows through their fur would make any dog’s day. We’ve rounded up a list of The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Southern California where it’s easy to bring man’s best friend along for an adventure. Whether you’re looking for leashed or off-leash beaches, we’ve got something for everyone. Just remember that each dog friendly beach will have its own rules, ... Read More »

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