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First Day of School; An Apple for the Teacher

apple-themed items (photo by Wendy Kennar)

Last year, on my son’s first day of kindergarten, we brought his teacher a red apple. She was completely surprised by this small gesture, and on that very emotional morning (she had two children beginning a new school year too), she said our small gift might make her cry. When it comes to teachers’ gifts, apples are the fruit that adorn everything teacher-related — mugs, keychains, candles, reusable tote bags. ... Read More »

6 Reasons Why the Supermarket is a Great Learning Tool


Teaching and learning doesn’t just occur in a classroom. Parents are a child’s first, and forever, teachers. And I have found the supermarket to be a valuable teaching tool. My 6-year-old son has been accompanying me to the market since he was an infant. Before he could talk, I would narrate our shopping trips to him. Now, he’s old enough to be actively involved in our shopping. It takes longer ... Read More »

Essential Back to School Gear


There’s nothing like finding the perfect backpack that your child loves. It’s an entirely other thing to find a backpack that’s big enough to fit their books, jackets, school supplies, and lunchbox. Plus you want it to be unique enough so that it can be easily spotted in the lost and found when they leave it at school. After years of shopping for back to school gear, there are a ... Read More »

Los Angeles Summer of Learning

Los Angeles Summer of Learning

As families prepare for Back to School, parents might wonder if their kids remember anything they learned over the last school year. Well, what if your kids could keep learning over the Summer and love every minute of it? We’re not talking about boring old Summer School here; this is the 21st Century and the way to a kids’ heart (and mind) is through game theory, badges, leveling up and Connected ... Read More »

8 Ways To Prepare Your Child to Go Back to School

mom bloggers in los angeles ask a teacher

This is the first post in our Back to School Week series. Back in June, summer stretched before us. We wondered how we’d fill the days and keep our kids occupied and engaged. Yet, we’re now rapidly approaching back-to-school time. So, how do we best help our kids get ready for the new school year? Here are eight ways to prepare your child for going back to school:  Talk about ... Read More »

10 Tips for Preventing Summer Brain Drain


It’s informally called “summer brain drain.” The term refers to the common phenomenon of kids being on summer break from school, and consequently forgetting many of the skills and concepts they had learned during the previous school year. How then can parents help prevent “summer brain drain?” Here are ten tips to try: Keep reading. Comic books, graphic novels, and the sports section all count as reading. The Los Angeles ... Read More »

Should Kindergartners Participate in Graduation?

graduation souvenirs (photo by Wendy Kennar)

We have entered graduation season. For our high schoolers, graduation is a hard-earned, well-deserved rite of passage. Our young adults have completed their mandatory schooling and are about to embark on a new journey into adulthood. They now have choices about how to spend their time, and those choices have consequences that will serve as a domino effect, even more so now that they are responsible for themselves and can’t ... Read More »

Writing an End-of-the-School-Year Reflection

upper-grade classroom (photo by Wendy Kennar)

When I taught upper-grade students, one of our end-of-the-year activities was a reflection/evaluation letter. I asked my students to complete an in-class, two-paragraph writing assignment using the friendly letter format we had learned. In the first paragraph, I asked my students to tell me about things that worked — things they liked about our class, our projects, our games, our field trips, our room set-up. Anything they thought of as ... Read More »

5 Ways to Bring More Math into Your Daily Routines


During Open House at my son’s school, the principal led a discussion about the new Common Core State Standards. The math coach at the school also chimed in with some suggestions for things parents can do at home to help ensure children have a successful school experience with these new standards and the new ways our children are expected to demonstrate proficiency. As the math coach pointed out, math hasn’t changed ... Read More »

Bilingual Literacy Month with Read Conmigo

Bilingual Literacy Month

This is a sponsored post with Read Conmigo and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own.  For two school years now, my boys have taken a Spanish class every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. It’s fantastic during the year, but by the end of the summer they’ve lost much of what they’ve learned. But this year, we have Read Conmigo and its many resources to help us out. And you can, ... Read More »