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5 Ways to Cultivate Kind Kids

Boy on a Hike

Most kids are pretty self-absorbed and not too concerned with the “big picture.” Traditionally, the holidays are a time when our kids are reminded to think of others, to donate to food drives and toy drives. But what about the rest of the year? How do you cultivate kindness in kids so that it becomes a habit and not just an occasional occurrence?  Remember it’s the little things that mean ... Read More »

VTech InnoTab Max: The Learning Toy That Grows with Your Kids

InnoTab Max by VTech

This post is part of a sponsored campaign. When it comes to choosing the perfect toy for your child, VTech is the leading expert at packaging fun with learning. With the InnoTab® MAX, your children will get years of learning fun through their fastest tablet yet. On top of an adaptable design that features a tough, kid-friendly cover, the InnoTab® MAX has a 7” multi-touch screen with high-resolution display, and ... Read More »

Baby Care Centers at Disneyland & Disney California Adventure

Old Time-y Decorations

Did you know that both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have Baby Care Centers, dedicated to giving families a place to care for their child in comfort and privacy? It’s true and they are amazing. I learned about the Baby Care Center just off Main Street in Disneyland 14 years ago, when I was visiting the park with my first baby, who was just a 1-year-old at the time (and ... Read More »

Preparing for National Parks Adventure with Netflix #StreamTeam

Visitor Center at Mesa Verde National Park (Photo by Yvonne Condes)

We love a good road trip here at Casa de los Condes, and our most memorable destinations have been National Parks. At every park we visit – from Yosemite to Yellowstone, we make sure to have our boys go through the Junior Ranger program. We’ve been talking about what to do with their badges and pins for a long time and thanks to the Netflix Stream Team, I finally figured ... Read More »

Wild Kratts Toy Giveaway

Wild Kratts Creature Packs

There are many great shows on PBS KIDS, but a family favorite has always been Wild Kratts. Children learn interesting facts about animals while being entertained by the superhero versions of the Kratt Brothers, Chris and Martin Kratt. We love the Wild Kratts so much that we’re giving away one Wild Kratts Creature Power Pack (the Runners and Swimmers set it pictured below) and one plush toy. Check out the Rafflecopter ... Read More »

Intel Tablets: Affordable Tech for #BackToSchool + Holiday

An array of Intel-powered tablets

Intel-Powered Tablets are more affordable than you might think, and some are perfectly suited for Back To School, loaded up with educational apps for kids. I recently got a peek at some tablets and I was very impressed with the size and price points. For example, did you know there are Intel-powered tablets on the market right now starting at $99? It’s true. The Toshiba Excite Go weighs in at ... Read More »

Invisalign Teen: The Alternative to Metal Mouth

StraightTalk Invisalign Teen

This post is part of a sponsored campaign; all opinions belong to the author. Being a teenager can be mortifying. I know for me, every pimple made me cringe, every hair out of place made me want to crawl under a rock. So imagine what it’s like to get the dreaded metal-mouth: Braces. Sure, it may be a right of passage along with entering puberty these days, but that doesn’t ... Read More »

Is a Child’s Race More than Just a Detail?

multicultural books (photo by Wendy Kennar)

How important is one’s race? That one question can generate a lot of controversy, and so can the answers to that question. Honestly, I’m ambivalent about it. Growing up, I didn’t think too much about race — until I began researching college scholarships. Suddenly, it seemed that every available scholarship posted in my high school counseling office was for students that weren’t Caucasian. When I began dating an African-American man, ... Read More »

On My Way To School – Book Review


This is a guest post by Krisha Garvey So…what’s always the best way to deal with new experiences or things that gives us butterflies in our tummy? Make it super fun!!!! The little girl Livi in the adorably clever new children’s book On My Way To School by Sarah Maizes has got it right. What would seemingly be a nerve racking first day of school becomes a morning full of adventure. ... Read More »

Talking to Young Kids About Smoking

no smoking sign (photo by Wendy Kennar)

Lately, my six-year-old son has been asking questions about the neighbors he observes smoking. “Why is she outside smoking?” “Why is that man smoking?  He’s making the air dirty.” Until recently, my son hadn’t known the term “cigarettes.” It was never an issue before, never a topic of conversation. But he asked what they were, and I told him that cigarettes are very unhealthy. In his mind, that should be ... Read More »