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More Than Just a Birthday Goodie Bag; Boy Gifts and Girl Gifts

goody bag (Photo by Wendy Kennar)

The differentiation starts before your child is born.  Everyone wants to know if you are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl so that they may purchase you the “appropriately” colored little outfits and blankets. As much as we, as a society, may speak of equal access and having high expectations for all our children, some of our actions don’t quite match those ideals.  One such example of this ... Read More »

Los Angeles Times Chat about Stay-at-Home Moms


Some surprising news came out this week from the Pew Research Center; more moms are staying at home. Not only are moms staying at home, but more Americans, 60 percent, think having a parent at home is best. This sounds lovely, but the reality is that stay-at-home moms are less educated and poorer than working moms, according to the study. It also found that stay-at-home moms have more time for ... Read More »

Vaccinations: Measles Outbreak in 2014?


Childhood immunizations, or vaccinations, were back in the news recently, when LA County officials announced an outbreak of measles. Measles. In Los Angeles, USA in 2014. Now Orange County Officials are reporting high numbers of measles there, too. I am stunned, although I guess I shouldn’t be, and truly outraged. I am sick of parents who ought to know better and who don’t vaccinate their kids. I realize it’s a ... Read More »

Take Great Photos of Your Kids! Pod Photography Book #Free Shipping

The Parent's Pocket Guide to Taking Kids & Family Photos book cover

Erika Seress, of The Pod Photography, has written the definitive book to help Parents Take Great Photos of Their Kids. The Parent’s Guide to Taking Kids & Family Photos is a practical, portable guide-book filled with straightforward, targeted information to get you taking great photos of your kids and family in no time. We are offering a Promo Code for Free Shipping, so scroll down! Erika Seress took a great ... Read More »

How Should Kids Celebrate Their Birthdays?

birthday party (photo by Wendy Kennar)

My son is rapidly approaching his sixth birthday party.  And I fear the jig is up.  For his first five years, I have been able to avoid throwing a big birthday party for my son.  Those times may have come to an end. For my son’s first birthday, we decorated the house with balloons.  We invited his grandparents, his cousins, his aunt, his uncle, his nanny, and some of my ... Read More »

The Five Lies I Tell My Son

children playing (photo by Wendy Kennar)

There are a lot of aspects of mothering that I wasn’t fully prepared for. I’m talking about the lack of sleep that accompanies a newborn in the house, the feelings of awe and wonder you feel when you gaze at your child, the overwhelming emotions of love and tenderness and fear because all you want to do is the very best for your child, each day of his life. But ... Read More »

The Quiet Crazy; Is Modern Life Isolating?

Isolation (photo by Yvonne Condes)

This is a guest post by Lindsay Kavet. Last year I wrote a piece about how I have underscheduled my kids. The quieter pace of life is good but the negative is that my kids are often alone. I’ve found that many people are so scheduled that kids just aren’t having random playdates. Sometimes, when I’m on a walk, I’ll notice gated off driveways and left out kid toys and I ... Read More »

Why We Should Never Stop Reading Aloud to Our Kids

reading aloud (photo by Paul Kennar)

Parents of young children most likely have experienced a similar situation — complete weariness at reading the same book to your child.  The same book, again.  You longed for the day your child would possess the skills necessary to read the book himself.  And the day has been here for a while.  Your child is no longer learning to read, but reading to learn.  Your child reads for homework, for ... Read More »

The Fine Lines of Parenting; When Is it Okay to Discipline Other People’s Kids?

children playing (photo by Wendy Kennar)

There are a lot of “fine-lines” involved with parenting.  You want to encourage your child’s efforts but not heap upon your child over-reaching, useless praise.  You want to be involved but also give your child the opportunity to grow and learn and make mistakes. My family lives within a gated community, a fact that affords us distinct advantages.  When my son is playing outside, I don’t worry about an endless ... Read More »

GameStop #NavigateTheHolidays

GameStop store - Universal CityWalk photo by Sarah Auerswald

GameStop is my favorite place to get my kids’ video games. We’ve been shopping at GameStop for years, and we are proud PowerUp Rewards members, so when GameStop asked us to work with them to help spread the word to other Mom Bloggers and our readers? It was an easy YES. And since we’re knee-deep in the Holiday Shopping season, GameStop wanted to help consumers #NavigateTheHolidays with information about their ... Read More »