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Exploring the World at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Safari Park (photo by Wendy Kennar)

Recently we took our son on his first visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (previously known as the Wild Animal Park). As we spent the day roaming around the vast facility, I was reminded of something a veteran teacher told me when I first started teaching kindergarten. She told me that when kids are that young, it’s all about exposure. Children are open and receptive to new ideas, ... Read More »

PBS Kids Summer Learning Giveaway


We’ve all heard about the Summer Slide, and I’m not talking about the one at the Water Park. It’s the one where kids lose academic ground over the Summer break and have trouble catching back up once school starts up again. PBS Kids has a fun Summer Learning Kit that will help you keep your kids engaged this Summer without making it seem like work. Scroll down to see how ... Read More »

5 Self-Serving Reasons for Being a Parent

Wendy Kennar and son

People become parents for many different reasons and under many different circumstances. Being a parent means that in most instances you put your child before yourself; you sacrifice in all aspects of your life. But, there is another side to the story.  For as much as parents complain about all that we must do, we must also acknowledge that there are certain benefits to being a parent. Here, I have ... Read More »

Summer Clean-Up; 7 Things I Could Live Without

random papers (photo by Wendy Kennar)

It may be summer break, but I’ve given myself an assignment; something I plan on maintaining as a long-term, continuous project.  Each day, I strive to get rid of at least one item. Of course, I don’t need to limit myself to only one item.  Many days I don’t.  But setting the goal of one item a day, is entirely doable which means I will feel successful each day and ... Read More »

Breastfeeding, Puberty, and Raising Boys


Last week, Sarah and I were guest bloggers on the parenting site Dr. Greene. When we were asked to contribute, it wasn’t difficult to come up with topics. We are both mothers of boys and they have filled our lives with endless surprises. Here’s what we talked about - Boys Really Don’t Cry - Sarah explores the reasons why she hasn’t seen her son cry in four years. Was Breast Feeding Worth It? – ... Read More »

Santa Barbara Tragedy: “Not One More”


Richard Martinez stood in front of a packed crowd at UC Santa Barbara yesterday and pleaded for our help. His 20-year-old son and only child was randomly shot and killed as he went out for a snack last Friday night. “Not one more person should have to die because of this ridiculous situation.” “Not one more.” If you search for meaning in senseless tragedy, then this is that meaning. He is asking us to ... Read More »

Appreciating My Son For Who He Is

Chef-in-training (photo by Wendy Kennar)

Our family’s recent getaway made me realize that I am guilty of looking at the glass half-empty more often than I should.  While we were away, my husband and I were complaining, and truthfully somewhat irritated, by the fact that our six-year-old son insisted on chicken tenders at every meal. It wouldn’t have been an unusual request if he actually ate the chicken tenders. Instead, some times he ate the ... Read More »

More Than Just a Birthday Goodie Bag; Boy Gifts and Girl Gifts

goody bag (Photo by Wendy Kennar)

The differentiation starts before your child is born.  Everyone wants to know if you are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl so that they may purchase you the “appropriately” colored little outfits and blankets. As much as we, as a society, may speak of equal access and having high expectations for all our children, some of our actions don’t quite match those ideals.  One such example of this ... Read More »

Los Angeles Times Chat about Stay-at-Home Moms


Some surprising news came out this week from the Pew Research Center; more moms are staying at home. Not only are moms staying at home, but more Americans, 60 percent, think having a parent at home is best. This sounds lovely, but the reality is that stay-at-home moms are less educated and poorer than working moms, according to the study. It also found that stay-at-home moms have more time for ... Read More »

Vaccinations: Measles Outbreak in 2014?


Childhood immunizations, or vaccinations, were back in the news recently, when LA County officials announced an outbreak of measles. Measles. In Los Angeles, USA in 2014. Now Orange County Officials are reporting high numbers of measles there, too. I am stunned, although I guess I shouldn’t be, and truly outraged. I am sick of parents who ought to know better and who don’t vaccinate their kids. I realize it’s a ... Read More »