Summer Camps


Camp Wildfolk

Type: Arts & Crafts, Creative, Day Camp, Maker


Camp Wildfolk is a fun, modern twist on traditional Day Camp, with a growth-centered and project-based approach. We offer an experiential, explorative experience, where campers are given the autonomy to create their summer adventure by choosing between class options within each “Sphere of Fun” rotation, while still having the safety and accountability of a traditional camper group with Tribe Guides.

All Campers go on a Beach Field trip the 1st Wednesday of each 2-week Session and our oldest campers (Ages 8+ & GITs)  go on an Adventure Field Trip (to places like Knott’s & Hurricane Harbor) the 2nd Wednesday of each Session.

Four Spheres of Fun: 1. Movement & Teambuilding, 2. Creativity & Expression, 3. Innovation & Exploration, and 4. Group Projects

At Camp Wildfolk, we’re about process over product. We love open-ended activities and provocations, where camper’s ideas and expression takes the lead. Our camp day is hands-on, messy, camper-centered, guided from the side, and encourages camper voice and choice, as much as possible. Campers at Wildfolk have the opportunity to explore, forge deep peer connections, take healthy risks, bond with compassionate adults, develop autonomy, and be authentically themselves.

Ages 4-12/// Guides-in-Training Ages 13-17/// Four 2-week sessions from June 19- Aug 11///  Two Mini-Camp Bonus Weeks Aug 14- 25 Extended Day from 7:45am-5:45pm /// Spring Mini-Camp April 3-14

Discount: Save $50 with Discount Code:  MomsLA2017 . We offer several additional discounts as well, including for early bird, siblings and multi-session.


Coast Sports Summer of Fun and Rookie Camp

Type: Arts & Crafts, Creative, Day Camp, Sports


Each day is unique at our Summer of Fun and Rookie Camp, with a mix of soccer, basketball, flag football, hockey, arts & crafts, “don’t do this at home,” human car wash, mess 4 success, water play, human bowling and more.

We empower kids by providing a nurturing, supportive setting in which they have choice. They can enhance their skills in an area in which they’re already passionate or bounce from soccer to arts & crafts to hockey. We ask, “if we were kids (which we basically still are), what would we want to do?” and go from there.


Designer Camp

Type: Arts & Crafts, Creative, Day Camp, Design, Photography


Designer Camp is a hands-on, creative summer day camp for students ages 11 – 17 who are passionate about design. Located in the West Hollywood Design District, Designer Camp allows students to be immersed in the design industry focusing on creative areas such as Interior Design, Photography, Fashion Styling, Trend Forecasting, Fashion Design, Blogging, Entertainment Set Design, Merchandising, and much more! Designer Camp is a true creative community that welcomes the youth of Los Angeles into the design world.

Designer Camp 101: July 11 – 15 / 9am – 3pm

Fashion/Styling Camp: July 18 – 22 / 9am – 3pm

Interior Design/Visual Arts Camp: July 25 – 29/ 9am – 3pm


Invent & Imagine Camp at the Sunshine Shack

Type: Arts & Crafts, Creative, Day Camp


Invent & Imagine camp explores the maker philosophy that connects us to all things creative and imaginative. This includes tinkering, art, inventing, movement and storytelling. Children will explore materials, investigate their interests and build relationships. Our camp is designed for children ages 3-5 years old. Camp runs for 3 weeks; Monday through Friday, July 5th to July 22nd, 9am-2pm with aftercare available until 4pm. We also have a Toddler Program designed for parents and toddlers. This class gives young children an opportunity to experience a school-like setting as they gain the confidence to gradually separate from parents in an emotionally supportive and nurturing environment. Class runs for 3 weeks; Monday-Friday, July 5th to July 22nd, 8:30-10:30am.


KidsArt Camps

Type: Arts & Crafts, Arts Education, Creative, Day Camp


June through August, KidsArt expands its program to include a variety of camps. These camps are designed to broaden perception, abilities and affinity for many different media, as well as spark a desire for future investigation and learning as a young artist. We have offered a quality, fine art drawing and painting program to students ages 4 and up for almost 30 years! Camps offered to ages 4 through teens and vary week-to-week. Below are just a few of the camps offered.

Discount: REGISTER BY APRIL 30th AND RECEIVE $25.00 off each camp using promo code MomsLA2016.

Cartoon Clay Sculpture: Students are taught basic sculpting techniques to create and paint some of their favorite cartoon characters. Students will create a pinch pot, a bas relief landscape, and a three-dimensional building.

Anime: Learn to create original Animé characters, including your very own Animé style self-portrait! The basic fundamentals of both traditional American and Japanese style cartooning are taught alongside proportion and anatomy.

Figure Drawing: Learn to draw 3-dimensional heads and figures using simple step-by-step techniques. Media such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, and conte crayons will be used to create self-portraits, and figure drawings.

A Palette of Art: Learn a different media each day including Figure Drawing & Portraiture, Cartooning, Clay Sculpture, Japanese Animé & more!

10 locations in the Los Angeles area. Click below to download a camp schedule at the studio nearest to you. Schedule a Free Introductory Class today (new students only).

Chino Hills
Rancho Cucamonga
Sherman Oaks

See the website for the dates and address of the studio nearest you.


Steve & Kate’s Camp

Type: Arts & Crafts, Creative, Day Camp


Our camp conforms to kids, not the other way around. Instead of a rigid structure, we give our campers choice. Instead of teaching kids the typical way, we give them tools and gentle guidance to help them become autodidacts, people who teach themselves. The difference is subtle–and it’s profound. There are a gazillion ways for kids to design a day at camp. One camper might dive into breadmaking and animation while another flies down a water slide and scores a goal in our inflatable soccer stadium. It’s up to them.

We don’t expect you to know when or what time you can get your troops to camp. That’s why our policy is as flexible as you need it to be. You can buy a whole summer membership or you can purchase as many day passes as you want and use them whenever. Didn’t use them? No sweat. We’ll give you a full refund for unused passes. And best of all, you don’t even have to tell us when you’re coming. Ta-da. Camp just got easier.

Grades Pre-K through 7th. 40+ locations. Founded in 1980.

415-389-KIDS. Register at

Beverly Hills – Good Shepherd Catholic School (June 20 – Aug 19)

Los Angeles – Hancock Park – Third Street Elementary School (June 14 – Aug 12)

Los Angeles – Silver Lake – Clifford Math and Technology Magnet (June 14 – Aug 12)

Los Angeles – Westside – Beethoven Elementary School (June 14 – Aug 12)

Manhattan Beach – Grand View Elementary (June 20 – Aug 12)

Pasadena – Sequoyah School (June 20 – Aug 26)

Redondo Beach – Beryl Heights Elementary (June 20 – Aug 26)

Valley Village – The Country School (June 13 – Aug 19)