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Family Happy Hour w/ Hansens and Giveaway

September 18th, 2012 by Sarah Auerswald

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Happy Hour. Yes, I’ve been known to utter the phrase “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” more than once at a time earlier than 5pm.

I didn’t want to let being a Mom stop me from that fun experience, and I wanted to include my kids in an appropriate way.

Family Happy Hour was born.

Saturday afternoon, in the midst of our late Summer heat wave here in Los Angeles, I decided we all needed a cool drink, and it was Hansens Natural Sodas to the rescue.

Hansens Natural Soda LogoI went with something new and also something tried and true. For the adults in the group I wanted to make something with Hansens Pomegranate soda, and naturally I thought of Vodka. I simply filled a glass with ice, added a shot of Stoli and filled it with Pomegranate. Voila! The Pom-echnaya was born! Cool and refreshing!Hansens Natural Pomegranate soda and vodka cocktail recipe

I also thought we needed to have a Pimm’s Cup, a somewhat eccentric but delicious and refreshing cocktail. Into a glass filled with ice, add one shot of Pimm’s and 2 shots of Hansens Ginger Ale. Then garnish with lime and orange slices, a cucumber stalk and a sprig of mint. Sounds crazy, but it’s delish!Pimm's Cup made with Hansens Natural Ginger Ale

I’m really a Mojito gal at heart and I thought it would be great to try making one with my old favorite flavor from back in the day, Mandarin Lime. Simply add fresh lime juice, rum and ice to a glass, fill with Hansens Mandarin Lime soda and garnish with fresh mint. The soda takes the place of both the sugar syrup and club soda in a traditional Mojito recipe. Easy and delicious!hansens natural soda mandarin lime mojito

Since this was a family affair, I whipped out the vanilla ice cream and Hansens Creamy Root Beer and made the kids some terrific Root Beer Floats, by simply scooping ice cream into a glass and filling with root beer.* The kids really enjoyed the treat, which may indeed have spoiled their dinner. But hey, it’s a heat wave after all.

And we were all happier afterwards.

Hansens Natural Soda Root Beer FloatTo celebrate the delicious beverages I made with Hansens Natural Soda and because I may or may not have had one too many, I’m giving away a Hansens Natural Soda prize package. To enter, simply leave a comment letting me know which Hansens Natural Soda flavor is your favorite. The winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, September 25th at 12 Noon PST. Must be US resident or have US postal address to win. No international shipping, sorry. Good luck!

* The Root Beer Floats were 100% non-alcoholic. It needed to be said.

**UPDATE: The contest is over and the winner has been notified. Thank you!**

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Sarah Auerswald is the CEO and Co-Founder of MomsLA. She writes about life in LA while raising her 2 sons and is the founder of She was an English Major at Brown University, and yet nowadays feels free to ignore grammar rules anytime she wants. Like Now. She's married, uses a Mac, and grew up in Hawaii.


  1. We love Hansen’s! I switched grocery stores because my former one stopped selling it! Sylvia and I are really into the Raspberry one right now, but we also like the Mandarin Orange, and Riley likes the Root Beer.

  2. The diet flavors are really good for cocktails also!

  3. My one aunt and uncle would always buy Hansen’s for the Yom Kippur breaking of the fast (it’s Kosher, it’s pretty light for the fast).

    I always drank the Mandarin Lime as I’ve always like orange pop. I just saw some of the new flavors, though, and want to try The Grove … which seems like it’d work well with vodka.

  4. I love the Pims! It was delicious. When is the next happy hour?

  5. Our household loves vanilla!

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