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Kings Win First Game of Stanley Cup Finals; Who Knew Los Angeles Had a Hockey Team?

May 30th, 2012 by Sarah Auerswald

The Kings won Game 1 in the Stanley Cup finals tonight. So it turns out Los Angeles has a hockey team. And not just any team: the Kings are in the Stanley Cup Finals. The first game was in New Jersey this evening at the home rink of the New Jersey Devils, their rivals. I have nothing against New Jersey, nor against any of the Devils, nor am I really a fan of the Kings themselves, to be perfectly truthful. (Sorry!) But I, like many Los Angelenos, like a winning team to reside in our zip codes. Can you blame me?

Los Angeles KingsWe, Los Angeles, did not get our winning satisfaction from the Lakers. We have in the past, it’s true, but we didn’t get it this year. And the Dodgers look promising, but we won’t know for months.

Right now, right at this moment, we have a shot at a having a winning team! Which is already awesome, in my opinion, but when you consider the fact that we’re talking about hockey, in Los Angeles, well, my friends, this is all new territory.

According to my internet research (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), the Kings have made it to the Finals once before, but that time around they lost. This is a new go-round and all the possibilities are live.

I checked with no less an authority than my hockey-playing Middle-school carpool dude to find out who the key players are to know – and found out that, just like all the billboards say, Kopitar is King of the Kings. Again, according to this 12-year-old fan, Kopitar is a team player, and that counts for a lot.

The other thing I learned is that the goalie’s name is Quick.

And I, who am given to hyperbole, am not making that up. The goalie’s name is Quick, and apparently, he is. As he should be.

I have a passing acquaintance with the sport of hockey, which I come thanks to a computer glitch in my freshman year of college. My freshman dorm hall was populated by the entire freshman hockey team – and it made for some dangerous times when they were practicing in the halls (pucks fly at an alarming speed, you may know) – and of course it meant that I had to attend all the games. Which of course, I did.

Here’s what I can tell you: hockey games are cold affairs. The ice must be kept cold, and so, therefore, must the arena. Take a sweater.

Which is why I find hockey in Los Angeles remarkable, and this year even more so. It was 90 degrees outside today – and next week we’ll have men skating around the same arena I saw Sade perform in.

But we’re up one to nothing in the Stanley Cup series – and there’s nothing but possibility ahead! Go Kings! Los Angeles loves you!

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