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Los Angeles Teacher Charged With Abuse

February 1st, 2012 by MomsLA

Mark Berndt accused of child abuse teacher student LAUSD arrested

Horrific. Deplorable. Sickening. Evil.

There just aren’t enough words to describe the depravity of someone who would so heinously victimize children. Blindfolding them and feeding them his semen. Mark Berndt, who taught young children at Miramonte Elementary school, is accused of committing these crimes as far back as 2005, according to the Los Angeles Times. He was a trusted teacher, liked by his students and parents.  The reports are shocking.,

How could this happen?

That question just keeps running through my mind.

We trust our schools when we send our children every day.  We trust teachers, staff, and administrators.  We can’t be with our children twenty-four hours a day, but of all places, we should feel comfortable sending our children to school. To learn, play, make friends. To establish a foundation for education at an early age so that our children will successfully go from kindergarten to high school and on to college.  This man has robbed children of their innocence, trust, psychological and quite possibly, physical well-being.

Every day, I ask my kids, “how was school?” Usually, I get a “good” or “fine.”  I try to ask for more details.  And I get a few. Yesterday, my 9 year old dissected a flower.  My kindergartener learned about the letter K and got to use a glue stick to make K words.

I can only imagine that the parents of the children who were in this evil man’s care had asked similar questions.  Gotten similar responses.  And are now asking themselves, “How could I not have known something was wrong?”

And it’s not unique to LAUSD. To the north of Los Angeles, in the Fresno School District, another teacher who victimized children in his classroom was reported yesterday.

Where was the oversight of this man?  How could the principal and his coworkers not have suspected anything? What will LAUSD and all school districts do to ensure that this type of thing doesn’t happen in schools? Under their watch?

I’m left with all these questions. But the biggest question, what can I do to protect my children?

Lexi is a working mom who blogs about family and life in LA at La Primera

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  1. This is so sickening. My heart is broken for those kids and their families. After Penn State and now this?? Where are our children safe?? I’m so scared not to know the answer to that question.

  2. Its horrifying to think that the one of the places that your children should be safest has these kinds of predators. All we can do as parents is be vigilant, ask questions, and I something seems weird INVESTIGATE!

  3. I ranted and raved about this situation on Facebook. I still am enraged by the whole thing, especially since now there has been another arrest at that school of a third grade teacher for sexually inappropriate behavior. LAUSD needs to be unshackled from the beaurocracy that allows this garbage access to our children! Aughhhhhhhh!

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