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How LASIK Is Just Like Childbirth

eye exam ktp

(Or, More Accurately, How It Is Nothing Like It at All) I had a $4,000 ball of fire burning a hole in my family’s wallet that I had to spend by year’s end.  I know, a tough problem to have, right?  Well, it was the result of an overestimated Healthcare Savings Account, and we would lose it if we didn’t use it for healthcare costs.  My kids are (thankfully) healthy. ... Read More »

Recession Causing Some Women To Postpone Having Kids

Recently, a couple I know told me they are waiting to have a baby until the economy turns around. Both successful, the wife’s business has taken a hit in the recession and the husband is just plain worried about finances. They are both in their 30s. A report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in August 2011, found that the cratering economy is responsible for birthrates ... Read More »