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Los Angeles Area Easter Events Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

LA Zoo

Easter is one of my most favorite Holidays to celebrate with my family. We love to sit around and dye the eggs, have a family Easter egg hunt, eat and play.  We also enjoy taking our kids to celebrate Easter Fun at some of our favorite places to visit. With Easter quickly approaching, l wanted to share with you a few amazing Easter Events that would be perfect for families ... Read More »

Regular Los Angeles Mom, Irregular Los Angeles Day

Walking into the Nokia Theater for the Primetime Emmy Awards (Jennifer Miner)

Moms of Los Angeles, how do you spend your days? Like most of you, I typically get up first to walk the dog and get coffee brewing, get my whining, grumpy kids out of bed, make their breakfast (well, pour their cereal, let’s be honest) and maybe, if I’m lucky, remember to brush my hair before driving them to school. Working at home means a lot of weekdays spent in ... Read More »

Seafood… the good, the bad and the beautiful


A mini overview of sustainability, Bluewater Grill and what I learned about caviar! I have always been a seafood lover… given the choice of lobster or steak… lobster hands down…teriyaki chicken or miso cod… absolutely, miso cod… so, I was thrilled to be invited to ‘The Sustainable Seafood Summit’ at Bluewater Grill in Redondo Beach. It was informative and so delicious! (Special thanks to the fabulous Romy!) As an event ... Read More »