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Green Foods – Fun St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

st patrick's day cake

If you love St. Patrick’s Day as much as our family does, your kids are probably looking forward to coloring just about everything green. But eating green foods for St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to douse everything in green food coloring. (Many families avoid food coloring because research studies have linked it to hyperactive behavior in children; European countries require a warning label on foods containing artificial dyes.) The good news? There are plenty of natural ways … Read More »

No More Blue Cake

Batman birthday cake

  I never thought it would happen. I never thought I would be the kind of mom who said “okay,” when her kids asked for a piece of candy. I never thought I would say, “sure,” when they reached for more French fries. And I never, ever thought I would be the mom who said, “yes, let’s buy that ice cream cake covered in artificial blue frosting.” But it happened. I ... Read More »