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Jenny Craig Cuisine New Meal Options Spring 2015

Jenny Craig Cuisine New Meal Options Spring 2015

The road to optimal health is one best taken slow and steady, making healthful changes to our normal routines creates a healthy new lifestyle that will make a total difference. I mentioned awhile ago how my unhealthy lifestyle had spiraled out of control and thanks to the Jenny Craig and Curves weight loss system I was able set my life on a new healthy course and lose over 13 pounds ... Read More »

Nutribullet – How I Got My Son to Eat Kale


I’m constantly asking my boys to try new foods and I’ve even paid them to try vegetables. But no bribe or coaxing worked for kale, spinach, or any other green, leafy vegetable. Then we saw The Uni Project in September. The Uni Project is a documentary about a group of kids at University High School here in Los Angeles that changed their eating habits and even their health by having a healthy ... Read More »

MomsLA Healthy Living Challenge; Vacations and Parties

Mediterranean Plate

It’s school spring break for our MomsLA Healthy Living Challenge moms and many are going on vacation or hanging out with their kids. The challenge this week is to eat on vacation the same way you eat at home when you’re trying to be healthy – with minimal amounts of cheating. I know first hand how this is not going to be easy. I love any excuse to snack. It ... Read More »

Weight Loss Results: Dramatic MakeBetter Before and After Photos

Sarah and Yvonne After Pictures

Today MomsLA is revealing the dramatic Weight Loss Before and After photos of co-Founders Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald. After 8 months of making the small, incremental changes that were at the core of the MakeBetter Challenge, Yvonne and Sarah are ready to show the world how far they’ve come. With nutrition and fitness advice along the way from Celebrity Dietitian Ashley Koff RD and Fitness Expert Holly Perkins, both ... Read More »

Greenleaf Gourmet ChopShop Review: Eating Healthy Can Be Delicious

Interior Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop Century City location

Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop restaurant is a terrific dining option for anyone trying to eat a healthy, delicious meal – or for anyone trying to eat a delicious meal with anyone trying to eat a healthy meal. In other words, it will satisfy everyone. The brainchild of Chef/Owner Jonathan Rollo, whose impressive cooking resume includes working at the Patina group, and Chef Kristi Ritchey, who personally lost 110 pounds in one ... Read More »

#MakeBetter Challenge: What’s Working For Me

All my earned badges from Lose It app Make Better Challenge #MakeBetter

Yvonne and I have been doing the #MakeBetter Challenge with Celebrity Dietician Ashley Koff and Fitness Expert Holly Perkins for 9 weeks now, and I am loving it. I am committed to the plan, I have lost weight and toned up my body, and I know it’s working for me. But I’ve done diets and started workout plans before. Why is this one working? I realized there are two factors ... Read More »

Why Am I Eating This Crap??

Photo credit:

I read an article recently about ingredients that are in food. Things of which we aren’t aware. One of those items was, wait for it . . . A beaver’s anal gland ‘juice’. A semi-aquatic, nocturnal rodent’s undercarriage. Seriously? It turns out that this is a component of the ‘natural flavor’ ingredient you will find on many fast food and processed products you consume. Natural flavor. What exactly IS that? And ... Read More »

Seafood… the good, the bad and the beautiful


A mini overview of sustainability, Bluewater Grill and what I learned about caviar! I have always been a seafood lover… given the choice of lobster or steak… lobster hands down…teriyaki chicken or miso cod… absolutely, miso cod… so, I was thrilled to be invited to ‘The Sustainable Seafood Summit’ at Bluewater Grill in Redondo Beach. It was informative and so delicious! (Special thanks to the fabulous Romy!) As an event ... Read More »

Healthy Eats for the Summer


The kids are home for summer, which means they’ll be eating fresh fruit and vegetables and home-cooked meals every day, right? Er…not exactly. If your kids are like most of their peers around the country, their days will be filled with opportunities to eat soda, chips, ice cream, hot dogs, and movie popcorn. (And if they go to San Diego County Fair, they may even be eating Fried Kool-Aid.)  Now ... Read More »

6 Ways to Raise Healthier Eaters


While some kids are just plain picky no matter what, most have impressionable food tastes.  So often times, you can help your children overcome their picky eating behavior by setting some straightforward limits and changing your household food rules.  It will surely be an adjustment for both parents and children when changes are made, but it IS possible to be successful.  Here are some ideas to get you started: Prepare ... Read More »