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LA’s Top: Best Splash Pads in Los Angeles

Best Splash Pads in Los Angeles

MomsLA is your source for Things to do in Los Angeles With Kids. Check out our 2016 list of Splash Pads in Los Angeles. If you’re like us and you have a bunch of little kids, sometimes heading to the beach with all the sand and people while lugging 100 pounds of beach gear just takes too much effort to be fun. That’s why heading to a nearby splash pad that ... Read More »

LA’s Top: 10 Best Children’s Outdoor Playgrounds in Los Angeles

Reese's Retreat

MomsLA is your source for Things to do in Los Angeles With Kids. One of my favorite things to do as a parent is watch my children play, but let’s be honest and admit that to see them squeal in delight and run amuck is best when outdoors. Taking kids to outdoor playgrounds is a great way to sit back and relax and let the kids get all their wiggles out ... Read More »

Summer of Firsts

all of us

With daughters nearly 12 and 15, those “firsts” that were plentiful in their early years come fewer and farther between. But they still remain oh so sweet. This summer has had more than we expected, making it even better. With my oldest, I was so typical in anxiously awaiting her firsts. When would she first laugh, first crawl? What would be her first word? More seasoned the second time around, ... Read More »

Los Angeles Teacher Charged With Abuse

Mark Berndt accused of child abuse teacher student LAUSD arrested

Horrific. Deplorable. Sickening. Evil. There just aren’t enough words to describe the depravity of someone who would so heinously victimize children. Blindfolding them and feeding them his semen. Mark Berndt, who taught young children at Miramonte Elementary school, is accused of committing these crimes as far back as 2005, according to the Los Angeles Times. He was a trusted teacher, liked by his students and parents.  The reports are shocking., ... Read More »

Panto at the El Portal: A Very British Holiday Tradition Makes Itself at Home in Los Angeles

Lindsay Pearce as Snow White with some of the dwarves in A Snow White Christmas

Most English Christmas customs are quite familiar to Americans: the presents under the tree, the holly, the mistletoe and the Christmas feast are all symbols we share along with our common language. But few Americans have heard of the British holiday tradition I find most endearing: The Christmas pantomime, which has nothing to do with the late Marcel Marceau. The panto is a fractured fairy tale, complete with music, dancing, ... Read More »

10 Things Your School Secretary is Thinking


How many Back to School posts have you read this week?  Guess what, here is one more!  But this one is different; this one is from the other side.  The dark side. I was an elementary school secretary for many years.  Here is my side of the story.  Back to school means back to work for us, we haven’t been sitting there all summer getting everything ready, so please do ... Read More »

Feeding Frenzy


Eating takes on a whole new meaning with kids. I suppose this is true though with any given stage of life. For example: as a kid, you have a distaste for all things healthy preferring instead to eat peanut butter and jelly, cinnamon toast and sugared cereals whenever you can get your grubby little hands on them. I know I used to do my best to trade my tuna sandwich ... Read More »