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Prepping for Another


I sat and looked at the stack of books. Picked one up, flipped through the pages. Nothing new to be learned there. When we first bought the bookshelf for the new nursery we were putting together I dug up the parenting books I had leaned on with my first. The breastfeeding book. The newborn book. The book that tells you how to understand what babies want because they can’t talk ... Read More »

Disappointment and Pride

I cried after leaving the room. My husband stood at the end of the hall after walking my mom and son out, disappointment hiding behind his caring look. I had always wanted a family like mine – one boy, one girl. I had been an older sister to an annoying little brother, and was relieved when our first was a boy. I was halfway there, I told myself. Still had ... Read More »

Udders on the Mind


Sometime after I stopped breastfeeding my son, my breasts went back to some normalcy of what they had been before, along with the rest of me. For a couple years I forgot the changes they had made except for the soft, floppy feel they now had and a certain numbness from 10 months of breastfeeding I am now 8 months pregnant with my next and along with the heartburn, gigantic ... Read More »

2 Weeks Postpartum; What I’ve Learned So Far


It’s been two weeks since little Pumpkin was born. It’s amazing how fast the time goes, especially when you are up for most of the hours. My original due date was January 25th, but because I had symptoms of Preeclampsia (a possible danger to me more than pumpkin). In order to have healthy mom and healthy baby, we were induced on January 16th. Being induced was definitely not in the ... Read More »

Fertility Planit Show & Conference January 12 & 13 in Los Angeles

Fertility Planit CEO and Founder Karin Thayer and son Aidan

The first ever Fertility Planit Show and conference will debut this weekend, January 12 and 13, in Los Angeles. Designed to offer insight, information and options to those seeking to start families, Fertility Planit will play host to panel discussions and keynote speeches from the likes of Rosie Pope, Brenda Strong, Dan Savage, Sarah Brokaw, Ashley Koff RD, Suzanne Rico, and Tara Stiles. Scroll down for Free Admission code! All ... Read More »

Cord Blood Registry Twitter Party & Giveaway July 25, 10am – 4pm PST #CBAware

Cord Blood Registry Twitter Party July 25, 2012 10am - 4pm #CBAware

I had heard about Cord Blood Banking when I was pregnant the first time and thought seriously about doing it. Then, as now, I want the best for my children that I can possibly provide them. And the idea of storing their cord blood seemed like a DNA-specific insurance policy for their ongoing good health. I was really tempted and looked into it through a few different organizations. Ultimately, I ... Read More »

Pregnancy Awareness Month 2012: Los Angeles Event Celebrates Motherhood

Anna Getty & Alisa Donner Pregnancy Awareness Month 5th Anniversary Kick-off event

Pregnancy Awareness Month, co-Founded by Anna Getty and Alisa Donner, kicked off its 5th Anniversary at a fabulous event in Los Angeles where expectant Moms could hear from experts, get style makeovers, a little pampering, and see loads of options for how to care for their babies – and themselves. Sunday, May 6th, 2012 was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon at the Skirball Cultrual Center, organized by MomsLA Contributor and event ... Read More »

Anna Getty Kicks Off Pregnancy Awareness Month in Los Angeles May 6, 2012

Anna Getty, Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Anna Getty founded Pregnancy Awareness Month 5 years ago in order to help support women during what can be a vulnerable, yet magical time, in her words, and PAM kicks off in Los Angeles with a FREE event on May 6th, 2012, from 12pm – 4pm at the Skirball Cultural Center. According to the organizers, this year there will be “… an emphasis on informative roundtable discussions with a variety ... Read More »

Not Finding Out The Sex of Your Unborn Baby-Is That Crazy or Normal?

ultrasound legs

In this day and age it is common in American culture to find out the sex of the baby in utero. So common in fact that it’s almost unheard of nowadays to wait to find out the sex until the baby is born. I am pregnant with baby #3, more than likely our last baby (according to the husband-this baby is most definitely our last baby) and hold on to ... Read More »

Maybe, Baby? When to Have Baby # 2

me and noah moms la post

  Tick, Tock. “Oh, so when will you have the next one?” Ever since I left the hospital after the birth of my only son I’ve been asked this question. Right smack in the middle of my bleary-eyed, exhausted, postpartumness I was asked about whether I wanted to have another. The ever-pressing question of when we’ll go from being a “Table for 3” to “Table for 3 plus a high ... Read More »