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Standardized Tests Eliminated for California Students; AB 484 Signed

Governor Brown signing AB 484

Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB 484 into Law, which means students in California schools will never again take the CSTs (aka, the California Standards Test). That means no Spring Testing, not this coming year, and not ever again. This is a huge change, and something we felt strongly that our readers would want to know more about. This is also going to be a huge change for schools, especially ... Read More »

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

standardized testing

My daughter is a great learner (she gets that from me).  She is able to listen to instruction and implement the lesson on the first try.  Whenever we buy something from IKEA she is in charge of assembly and has been since her early teens.  She earned good grades in high school and with dedication was able to graduate a semester early. My son, not so much.  For him, learning ... Read More »