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10 Things Your School Secretary is Thinking


How many Back to School posts have you read this week?  Guess what, here is one more!  But this one is different; this one is from the other side.  The dark side. I was an elementary school secretary for many years.  Here is my side of the story.  Back to school means back to work for us, we haven’t been sitting there all summer getting everything ready, so please do ... Read More »

There’s No Such Thing As Summer Vacation


Not with kids, that is.  With kids, there are only trips. So said a friend of mine, a friend who has reason to know.  He’s a father of three. I think of him every summer, when I yearn to escape the relentless hamster wheel of daily existence and get the hell out of Dodge.  Each summer since having children, I have foolishly, optimistically looked forward to summer vacation.  Long-ago-imprinted, now ... Read More »