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MomFair Twitter Party 9/18 7pm #MomFair

MomFair Twitter Party 9/18 7pm PST

Join our awesome Twitter Party for the MomFair on Wednesday, September 18th at 7pm PST. We’ll be chatting about getting back to work and all the issues that come with that, plus we’ll be giving away some amazing prizes! Join our panelists @TheMomFair @MomAngeles @MomsLA @YvonneInLA @SAuerswald and let us know what it’s like for you as a working mom! And if you’re looking for work in the Los Angeles ... Read More »

Dear Time Magazine, Working Moms Can Attachment Parent Too

time magazine nursing mom attachment parenting mom bloggers los angeles

So, local mama Jamie Lynne Grumet made the cover of TIME with her nursing child for an article on Attachment Parenting and a media frenzy has ensued. While many people are wasting their time judging Jamie and other mamas, I wanted to set the record straight on an idea that’s been dominating the blogosphere lately–the idea that Attachment Parenting is somehow oppressive for mothers or a luxury only stay-at-home moms ... Read More »

The Average Mom Doesn’t Care About the Mommy Wars

mom bloggers in los angeles

My group of mom friends here in Los Angeles includes a teacher, an office manager, an aerospace engineer, a work-at-home writer, an ad saleswoman, and a stay-at-home mom. We have varying degrees of flexibility in our jobs, but we have a couple of things in common; we’re tired and we’re worried. We’re tired because there aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done in addition to our work ... Read More »

My Sweet Little Nelly (And I’m Not Talking About the Rapper)

Mother of Lily on "Modern Family" talks about her daughter's favorite stuffed animal

OK, so I’ve been woefully absent from MomsLA and as much as I love all the amazing women who post here, I have barely found a minute to breathe since July 2011. I am a single mom and career stand-up comedian and actor, but last summer, my life took the craziest turn ever, when my 4-year-old daughter was cast as the new “Lily” on ABC’s mega-hit sitcom, Modern Family. While ... Read More »