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Tech Talk #MomsLAChat Wednesday, March 14th, 10am PST

March 12th, 2012 by MomsLA

Join us for our weekly #MomsLAChat Wednesday, March 14th at 10am PST as we discuss Tech For Moms with our expert panelists Beth Blecherman of, Ciaran Blumenfeld of, and Dan O’Halloran, Editor-in-Chief of

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Beth Blecherman

Photo Credit: Brian Smith Photography 

Beth Blecherman left her position as a Senior Manager at Deloitte for Family Management then decided to take her technology voice online as a career 2.0. Her personal blog is (@TechMama), a platform to curate and discuss technology, social media and her obsession with consumer electronics. She is the Chief Technologist of Cool Mom Tech, the intersection between tech, parenting and style.

Beth Blecherman is a techie turned authority/speaker on “Technology For Moms & Family”. She also consults with companies on beta testing and analyzing trends for family technology. She is active on twitter as @TechMama and regularly speaks at conferences on parenting, social media and technology. Beth has a fabulous hubby “TechDad” and three amazing tech boys.

Tecca logoYour Lifestyle, Plugged In.

Tecca shows you what’s hot in the world of technology, why it matters, and how it works with your lifestyle. Whether it’s the newest gadget hitting stores, a website or app that everyone is talking about, or breaking news that “changes everything,” Tecca helps you get the most out of the technology in your life. We believe that technology is only as useful as it can be understood – no jargon, gibberish tech specs, or insider terminology that only the kid down the street understands. Whether you’re interested in the latest and greatest or want to learn how to make the latest technology work for you or your family, we’ll help you figure out how to use it, why it matters, and even where you can find the best prices online.

We’ll be joined by Tecca Editor-in-Chief Dan O’Halloran.Dan O'Halloran, Editor-in-Chief of

Ciaran BlumenfeldCiaran Blumenfeld of

Ciaran Blumenfeld is the founder of, the successful mompreneur behind and the mom of 2 boys and 2 girls ages 4-15. As a designer, writer, and mom, Ciaran wears her trend antennae at all times. She draws inspiration & filters information from her community of influential, friends, bloggers and mompreneurs to deliver the “word of mom” on a daily basis. It’ s not easy being a mom in the know, when you’re always on the go. Ciaran stays connected with an array of tech tools, toys, gizmos and apps.


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