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The Serene Super Yacht Catches Attention Off Los Angeles, California

February 24th, 2012 by Sarah Auerswald

Welcome to the Land of Fame and Excess, to paraphrase Miley Cyrus. You might think nothing could impress people in Los Angeles, especially during Oscar week, but even Los Angelenos are wowed by the size of the Serene Super Yacht anchored off the coast of Venice Beach this week.

Serene, the Super Yacht owned by Yuri Scheffler, Stoli vodka

The Serene, according to The Dutch Eye, is owned by Yuri Scheffler, a Russian man whose fortune comes from Stolichnaya vodka, and is said to have cost $300 million dollars.

Standing on the sand, it seems more like looking at a floating building than a boat. It’s absolutely massive.

NBC LA’s video tells the whole story.


View more videos at:

{Photo via Wikipedia.}

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  1. I saw that today and I thought it was a cruise ship. Holy smokes.

  2. happy that you like it, I’m the one who make all the lighting sys

  3. …al massimo hai messo la lampadina del cesso.

  4. I was on U.S. Coast Guard Patrol the day this baby was docked in San Pedro. We got an up close and personal view of it, I mean we were right next to it. Most beautiful Yacht I have ever seen. Would love to have taken a tour. Absolutely a fascinating piece of Art.

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