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5 Easy + Affordable Fashion Tips for Spring

Target outfits collage

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Yvonne and I think of ourselves as reasonably stylish working Moms in Los Angeles, but hey, everyone can use a refresh when it comes to their wardrobe, right? We just don’t want it to cost a Million Dollars.

So we were thrilled to set up a MomsLA styling session with Jennifer Rosson from Style Your Life, a super fun stylist (and Mom) who specializes in working with Moms – who gave us these 5 Easy and Affordable Fashion Tips for Spring – and Beyond. We also were glad to know she loves to shop the Who What Wear line from Target, because we are also big fans here at MomsLA.

We set up a session at Sarah’s house and we shot a Facebook Live video of the outfits Jennifer picked out for us. Plus she gave us great fashion tips for Spring and beyond for our MomsLA Podcast. So go subscribe to that and listen to what she has to say!

Target outfits collage

5 Fashion Tips for Spring and Beyond

1. Don’t wear a top that cuts you off at your widest point

There’s a thing a lot of us do to cover up our midsection, which is to wear long, flowy tunics and blouses. (Guilty as charged!) I’m sure somewhere along the line we heard that a long line was good for making us look slimmer, or hey – we just wanted to hide our muffin top. But Jennifer says it’s a big No-No.

According to Jennifer, if the top cuts you off at your widest point then people’s eye will be drawn to the that very part, which makes you look wider. So it actually backfires. D’oh!

Blue blouse with flared sleeves

Blue blouse with flared sleeves $34.99 at Target  -click on photo for affiliate link

2. In Fact, Tuck That Blouse In

When Jennifer said this, we almost ended the session right there. I haven’t tucked in a blouse in many years because – are you kidding me? I didn’t want anyone seeing how big my tummy was! But the truth is, tucking in made me look slimmer than wearing the big tent-like top I wear most of the time. So even though it was a personal challenge to do, I’ll admit it: Jennifer was right again.

3. Get a Bra Fitting Every Year

Let’s face it ladies, our breasts have evolved over the years, and they are not the same ones we had before becoming Moms. Jennifer recommends getting a bra fitting once a year so that your breasts can be well supported as they change. Because a good bra is the foundation of a great look, no matter what top you choose to wear.

And don’t you dare throw that bra in the washer and dryer! It ruins the delicate fabric and stretches out the elastic in the straps, shortening the time you’ll get to wear it. You’re going to have to embrace handwashing and hanging them up to dry.

4. Don’t Buy a Uniform

And specifically: if you find a piece of clothing you love, don’t go out and buy it in three colors, she says. This one was super tough for us, because we love our Mom Uniforms. And I have literally done this very thing: Hello red and black identical holiday dresses!

I personally have two unis. Most days I wear cuffed jeans, with a (previously untucked) oversized T-shirt. For more formal occasions, I’ve got a black pencil skirt that always magically fits me, no matter how heavy I feel, and I wear it with an “office blouse” and heels.

And I’ve been pretty happy about my uniforms – up until now. Jennifer wants us all to shake things up a bit. Not to throw it out entirely, but to add something new to the mix. She suggests trying a pair of black pants for a change, or try a top in a new pattern or color.

black blouse with lace sleeves

Talk about Statement Sleeves! $37.99 at Target – click on photo for affiliate link

5. Statement Sleeves Are In

What’s a Statement Sleeve, you ask? Any sleeves with ruffles or wide openings – or even faux fur. These sleeves are great for walking down a runway or maybe when giving a presentation – or attending a party. They are not super practical, however, so not optimal when doing the dishes, or changing a diaper, for example… Still, for the right occasion they are very fun – and very IN.

So there you have it: 5 Fashion Tips Moms can use right now. Whether it’s time to go shopping or simply rethink the way you wear the clothes you already own, we can all up our game this way.

blue silky chambray blouse

This is blouse Yvonne is wearing in the beginning of the video $24.99 at Target – click on photo for affiliate link

And Now for the Outfits

Sarah: Jennifer had me try a blue pinstripe blouse with my black skirt – a color combination I would never have tried without prompting – and I really liked it.

She also had me try a polka-dot tank top and green jacket with my jeans. I loved the look, which I never would have chosen without her prompting me.

Yvonne: Jennifer gave her a pair of jeggings that looked awesome on – paired with a super soft chambray shirt – and a rare untucked look!

For her second outfit, Yvonne wore a black Maxi dress (that Sarah actually had bought from the Who What Wear line and loves!) paired with a moto jacket made of a super soft material. It was a great look!

We had a ball working with Jennifer from Style Your Life. Check out her website to see how you can work with her – and get her awesome tips!

military jacket

This is the jacket from Sarah’s second outfit $39.99 at Target -click on photo for affiliate link


This is the awesome Moto Jacket Yvonne wore $44.99 at Target -click on photo for affiliate link


Ruffle maxi dress

This isn’t the exact black dress Yvonne wore, but it’s super cute $29.99 at Target -click on photo for affiliate link


pencil skirt

This is not the same pencil skirt Sarah wore, but how cute is this one?? $29.99 at Target -click on photo for affiliate link



These mules are so elegant and so affordable! $37.99 at Target -click on photo for affiliate link

easy and affordable fashion tips for Moms

5 Easy and affordable fashion tips for Spring

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of This post contains links to Target products and we have an affiliate relationship with them If you buy any of the products by clicking here, we will get a small commission from the company. 



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