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5 Kids’ Birthday Party Themes for Summer

Summer is such a fun time to have a Kids’ Birthday Party. Here is our list of Five Kids’ Birthday Party Themes we love.


1) Camping – If your Birthday Kid is into camping, just think of all the fun decorations you can come up with for the party! You could serve traditional camping food like Hot Dogs or go fancy and make delicious S’mores Chocolate Malt Frozen Custard Sandwiches. If your party is held outdoors, there could even be a firepit, properly supervised of course, and the “camp counselor” could lead the party guests in a round of ghost stories and sing-alongs. Table decorations could include camp “permits”, papier-mache campfires, and there could be a Make-It-Take-It craft table for the guests where they’d make lanyards or other traditional camping crafts. Don’t forget to roast marshmallows and have the kids take turns smashing a tent-shaped piñata.

carnival photo

2) Carnival – If Carnivals are your theme, the décor can include mock-ups of carnival attractions, like the classic advertising posters of yesteryear, and there could be game booths for the guests to enjoy just like at the State Fair. Carnival snacks like popcorn and sno-cones are sure to be a hit with the guests, and tables can be adorned with balloons, clown hats, colorful streamers and banners. Activities can include clown dress-up stations and a photo booth, and who could resist a visit with the fortune teller?

baseball photo

3) Baseball – Sports are always a great theme idea, and Summer is perfect for Baseball. Each table can have a base and mitts decorating it, and of course, popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs are perfect menu items! If the Birthday boy or girl has a favorite team, those colors will lead the way. And if there’s a favorite player, too, then his “bubble bum trading card” can be enlarged and displayed. You could even create replicas of his jersey to give as a party favor. Activities could include photo booth pictures with a bubble gum card background, and if the venue allows, a game of catch! Check out our sports-themed birthday party post for more ideas. 

4) Robotics – So many kids are in STEM programs at school these days and there are tons of Robotics Clubs, too, so robot themes are very popular. Plus they’re fun! Think about all the table décor ideas, including sprockets and gears, made larger than life, and robots as centerpieces. Enterprising decoration teams could come up with giant Robots to decorate the room, made out of tin cans and old car parts, too. A Robotics Club Demo where the machines do battle would be a huge hit with guests, and guests could go home with their own Transformer toy or Robot kit afterwards.

minecraft photo

5) Minecraft – This retro-graphics video game that has taken the world by storm is a perfect theme for a Kids’ Birthday Party! The tables can be decorated with pixelated tablecloths, the guests can play pin the tail on the Creeper, and the take-away gifts can include plush toys in the shapes of pigs or foam pick axes. Since the pixels are so important to the look, the food, like pizza and rice krispie treats, can be cut into squares. Computers and giant video screens can be set up so the guests can create a Minecraft world just for the party!

We hope your Kids’ Birthday Party is wonderful, no matter what theme you choose!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.