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We’re profiling the small, seaside city of El Segundo this month and today we’re talking about where to go shopping. Check out our previous posts, 5 Places to Eat in El Segundo and 5 Things To Do In Or Around El Segundo.

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Electric Bikes LA

There are many places to get out and ride a bike in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Why not try it on an electric bike? Check out the first electric bike store in the Los Angeles area right in El Segundo. The shop carries folding bikes, electric scooters and kick scooters.


Plaza El Segundo

Only in Southern California can you buy organic produce, shop in a local boutique, get your hair blown out, and buy your kid’s baseball shoes. Plaza El Segundo has it all – from local boutiques like Varga, which carries both vintage-inspired and trendy clothing, to Lululemon and J. Crew. There’s also a Yoga Works, DryBar, Whole Foods, and Sur La Table.


Downtown Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is El Segundo’s neighbor to the south and it’s worth a visit. The streets of downtown are lined with retail shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs – all in a beautiful Southern California setting with views of the beach. Shop in local boutiques any day of the week or hit the city’s popular Farmers Market every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (11 to 5 during the summer).


Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica Place is an upscale outdoor shopping mall that’s worth a visit. It has great shopping – from Burberry to Bloomingdales to Free People – in a beautiful location that’s just blocks from the Santa Monica Pier. If you’re not shopped out, there are many more stores on 3rd Street Promenade, whcih features several blocks of retail and restaurants. There’s also good dining at Santa Monica place including Dr. Andrew Weil’s Tru Food Kitchen and local favorite, The Curious Palate.


Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice

For shoppers looking for something more eclectic, try Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice. It’s become a little more upscale over the years, but it still maintains its hippy charm. Make sure and stop by the flagship Tom’s store, which is a shoe, bag and sunglasses store that also serves coffee and pastries. There are local shops with handmade jewelry, beautiful furniture, and interesting clothing along with some of LA’s best restaurants.

This post was sponsored by Hyatt House, which has locations in El Segundo and throughout the country. Check out our other posts about the city, 5 Places to Eat in El Segundo and 5 Things To Do In Or Around El Segundo.



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