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5 Reasons to Visit Discovery Cube LA Over Winter Break

It’s winter in Los Angeles and what better way to celebrate than in real snow! Discovery Cube LA is having a Winter Wonderfest now until January 6th. But snow isn’t the only reason you’ll want to take your kids to Discovery Cube LA – where kids learn about science and healthy living doing fun, hands-on activities. Here are 5 Reasons to visit Discovery Cube LA over winter break. 

Discovery Cube LA's Winter Wonderfest features real snow, sledding and honds-on fun!

photos courtesy of Discovery Cube Los Angeles


Play in Real Snow

Discovery Cube LA has made more than 100 tons of real snow! Kids (and their parents) can play in the snow, make snow angels, build snow castles and snowpeople and visit the “snow meets science” learning stations that include Animal Adaptations to the Cold, Three States of Water and Cloud in a Bottle.

Slide Down a 75-foot Ramp On An Inner Tube

Kids can learn the science behind sledding or  have a great time going down a 75-foot ramp on an inner tube.

Learn the Science of Gingerbread at Discovery Science Center

Learn The Science of Gingerbread

Kids can build and race a candy car, decorate cookies and watch a “Matter of Taste” stage show. Don’t forget to check out the daily holiday movies that include Rugrats Chanukah and Frosty the Snowman. Santa will be visiting now through December 24th.

Go on a Lego Travel Adventure

Discovery Cube LA is hosting a traveling Lego exhibit through January 16th. Kids can make boats, trains, or cars to travel to exotic locations and suit-up as a pilot, boat operator or race car driver . The whole family will want to see the LEGO Master Builders display with recreations of the driving of the Gold Spike in the Transcontinental Railroad, the Building of the first Model T, and the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk. If your kids love Legos, they won’t want to leave.

Discovery Cube LA Hockey Exhibit

Explore Los Angeles Through Hands-On Exhibits

There are so many fun exhibits at the cube. My kids loved the Park Science exhibit where they scaled a rock climbing wall and experienced how the Santa Ana winds work. The Science of Hockey exhibit is another fun, interactive exhibit where kids figure out how to better stop a puck. They also learned about planets, how to have an energy-efficient home and how to create less waste in their daily lives. Families can spend an entire day there and not do everything.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Discovery Cube LA. All opinions are my own. 




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