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5 Things You Won’t Want to Miss at Disneyland this Holiday Season

There are so many things to love about Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, and at the holidays, I feel like the number of those things grows by leaps and bounds. I just visited the parks and have this list of things that are not to be missed when you’re visiting this year.

1. Delighted Toddlers

I was lucky enough to visit the park with an especially delightful toddler named Charlotte (and her equally delightful Mom and Dad). Charlotte’s Mom is Esther Blair, one of our contributing writers, and she and her family allowed me to enjoy the park from a toddler’s point of view, which is quite possibly how Walt himself intended it.

Charlotte got to meet Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and even took in the Frozen show (she is a big fan). She rode some of the slower rides in the parks, which was actually perfect for me as well, and she got to take a nap while being pushed in a stroller. Pretty ideal day at Disney, right?

2. Festival of Holidays

The Festival of Holidays runs through January 7th at Disney California Adventure. Musical performances from multiple cultures and traditions can be seen throughout the park during the season. And there are 12 Marketplace Kiosks, each serving a different set of “tasty tidings” from the many cuisines and traditions Disney is honoring. There’s a tasting passport to make sure you don’t miss a delicious bite, and there’s an exclusive Sip and Savor pass, available to Annual Passholders only.

3. Disneyland App

The Disneyland App has evolved from simply being a way to check wait times on rides to the all-encompassing tool it is today. You can buy tickets on the app, make dining reservations – and check restaurant menus, see your PhotoPass photos, as well as navigate the parks with GPS. With the purchase of the Disney MaxPass, you’ll also be able to download and share your PhotoPass photos, and even book FASTPASSes right from the app. I love that one.

4. Special Holiday Treats

I love the way Disneyland decorates for the holidays, as I’ve said before, and they seem to take special joy in coming up with new designs for the holiday treats they sell. Mickey Ears, Jack Skellington and now Coco are just some of the themes you’ll find. Enjoy!

holiday treats at Disneyland

5. Ears, Ears, Ears

Speaking of Mickey (and Minnie) Ears, I feel like I saw more people than usual wearing Ears at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure this visit. Maybe it was a sign that they were in the Holiday spirit, or maybe that’s just how they roll all the time, but regardless, I was very happy to see them all.

Mickey Mouse Ears Collage

If you’re visiting Disneyland or Disney California Adventure this Holiday season, let us know what you think should not be missed.

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of MomsLA was invited to visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventure as guests of the Park. We were given ParkHopper tickets and MaxPassess for the day.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.