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7 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

5 Fun ideas for crafts to make with toddlers

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  As you plan for treats and cards for your little one’s classmates and teachers, take a look at some of these fun craft ideas. Each of these crafts get your kids involved and make handing out Valentine’s more special.

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7 Fun ideas for crafts to make with toddlers

Handprint Bouquet

This is one very cute and fun craft that your little one is sure to love. You will need a paper plate, paint brushes, non-toxic washable paint (as many colors as you want), and several pieces of paper. With this project you can make as many copies with as many hand prints as you want. After your little one is done with his/her hand prints, you can use green paint for the stems and leaves. This is an incredibly easy craft that you can make for cards to family members or classmates this Valentine’s Day!

Hand-Shaped Cards

Fold a piece of paper in half (short-side to short-side) and have your child place their hand so that the thumb is facing the folded portion of the paper. Then outline your child’s hand and cut the outline of the hand. When you unfold the hands, there should be a heart shape where the thumbs and the first two fingers connect. Make these in different colors, using different kinds of paper, and write thoughtful cards for your Valentine!

Butterfly Treat Bags

For this project you will need candy, snack sized ziploc bags, close pins, markers, google eyes, glue and pipe cleaners cut into 2 inch pieces. Fill a small snack ziplock bag 2/3rds full with candy and zip the bag. Then separate the candy inside evenly to each side and clip the close pin in the middle with the top of the pin facing up. Use markers to draw on the close pin for the butterfly’s body, glue the eyes on the close pin. Next fold the pipe cleaner into a V shape and glue the point of the V to the close pin for antenna. Each butterfly can be the same or they can all be different. Let your child be as creative as they want to be. This is a fun treat idea for friends and loved ones!

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Heart Wreath

For this craft you will need colored construction paper, glue, scissors and ribbon. On a piece of paper, draw a circle 7″ in diameter. Then draw a circle inside of that one that is 5″ in diameter. Cut along the lines so that you are left with the base of the wreath. Cut hearts out different shaped hearts on pink paper and glue them to the base of the wreath. Layer the hearts to add texture. Finally, glue the ribbon to the back of the wreath or tie it around the top and hang on your door, kitchen, or home!

Heart Chain

Using any combination of colored construction paper (like Red, Pink and White), cut long 1 inch strips. Fold each strip in half (for the bottom point of the heart) and staple or glue the two ends together while bending the top to create a heart shape. Take a different colored strip of paper and loop it through the first heart and repeat the directions for the first heart. Keep adding hearts until you have your desired length of a heart chain! These can make for fun decorations around your home, mantle and doorway.

Heart Emojis

One really fun way of making fun Valentine’s crafts and cards for friends is by making different emoji’s with heart shaped heads. You will need Yellow, White, Black, Blue and Red construction paper, glue and scissors. Cut out large yellow hearts for the emoji heads and glue any face/expression on each! This is a fun and unique way to hand out valentine’s, make place cards for a party, or even have a fun afternoon with your little ones.

Lollipop Heart Flowers

For this fun project you will need lollipops, green and red construction paper and glue. Using the red construction paper, cut out hearts a little bit larger than the size of the lollipop and its wrapper. On one side you can write a little note or phrase and on the other side you can tape the head of the lollipop. Using the green construction paper, cut out small leaves to paste two on the stick of the lollipop. Repeat this as many times as you want and hand out your Lollipop Heart Flowers to as many loved ones and friends on Valentine’s Day!



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