8 Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is such a fun time for kids big and small who celebrate the holiday. There’s the Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunts, and all the wonderful customs associated with this day. Here are fun an easy craft ideas to get your kids in the spirit of this hoppy and happy holiday.

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Paper Plate Bunnies

To make Paper Plate Bunnies (pictured above) you will need two paper plates, tape and markers. Cut one paper plate in half and shape to make ears. Then tape those ears to the back of the paper plate. Decorate the face of the bunny for little ones who can color and decorate the bunny. For older kids you can have them glue cotton balls for the face, google eyes, buttons for the nose, pipe cleaners for the whiskers, etc. This project can be as detailed or as simple as you and your little one want it to be.

Bunny Coloring Pages

Take a black sharpie and outline a bunny, basket, eggs, carrots, etc onto white or colored paper. Or you can print out remade coloring sheets from Pinterest. Check out some samples here. Then have your little one use crayons, markers, paint or construction paper to decorate the shapes. This project works best for younger kids!

Easter Eggs

Dying easter eggs is a timeless craft that you can enhance in any way you want. Have kids dye eggs with a kit from the store; have little ones paint or draw on hardboiled eggs directly; decorate eggs with stickers, ribbon, yarn or anything you find in your craft bin.

Construction Paper Carrots

Making construction paper carrots is a fun way to teach kids about bunnies and carrots (and maybe even get kids to eat carrots). You will only need orange and green construction paper. Cut the orange paper into long ovals. Use a black pen to make the rings. Turn this craft into a fun counting game for children as they make paper carrots. Cut out 14-20 carrots and write the same number on 2 carrots for a game of memory. Mix up the carrots and play the memory game over and over again with your child.  This will be a fun craft project and educational game for a quiet saturday or sunday morning.

Easter Bunny Pudding Cups

For this project you will need chocolate and vanilla pudding cups, google eyes, a black sharpie, pink puff balls and white, brown or pink construction paper for the ears. Take the pudding cups and turn them upside down so the opening is on the bottom. Decorate one side of the container by gluing two google eyes, one pink puff for the nose, and sharpie in the rest of the facial features. The construction paper can be glued or taped to the back of the pudding cup. For an example, click here.

Felt Easter Eggs

This is a really fun and adorable way to decorate eggs! Cut egg shapes from all different colors of felt and decorate them however you want: with buttons, glitter, ribbon, construction paper, confetti, etc. You can glue these finished products onto Easter cards for family, or onto construction paper (just draw a basket), or you can hang them on string and decorate window sills. These felt eggs will be a fun and fresh new way to decorate eggs this season!  For examples of decorated felt eggs, click here.

Footprint Carrots

These are super cute carrots that also help time stamp your child’s footprints one at this very age and size. For this project you will need orange paint, white paper, green paper and glue. Paint your little one’s feet orange and stamp it onto white paper. Once that dries, cut out the foot as closely to its shape as you can for the carrot base. Take about 2 x 6 inches of green paper and fold it in half (so it is 2 x 3). Cut the folded side in long slits to make the top of the carrot leaves. Glue the cut green paper to the back of the footprint with the open side of the paper down. Adjust/fluff the green paper as needed to look like the greens of a carrot and you’re done! Cute carrot footprints for the holiday and your little one’s memory box.  For an example, click here.

Spring Blossoms

It’s not Easter without spring blossoms! Cut out petals, stems and leaves from construction paper and glue away! Make different kinds of flowers like tulips, roses, and daisies. Flowers can be glued onto cards or popsicle sticks to stick into flower pots (filled with dirt or rocks). They can also be glued onto cards for family.



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