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A Gym With Coffee and Childcare; Equinox Knows What It’s Doing

I’m usually anti-gym because of all of the superhot bodies that congregate in them. But I’ve been obsessed lately (years actually) with Sports Club LA, which is now owned by Equinox. It’s so fancy. It has a cafe, a restaurant, a spa; and you can workout there, too.

Recently, I was invited to the gym to try out the kids’ club. My friend was in town so I left my boys at home (I thought they would be too old anyway) and we decided to spend the morning there. We checked out the kids’ club first and quickly realized that my boys would have loved it and were perfectly young enough (you need to be 10 and under).

It was clean and colorful and there were plenty of toys and computers. The women working there were very nice and calm especially considering how many boys were checked into the kids’ club that day.

It was Saturday so not only was the kids’ club lively, but so was the gym. It’s 100,000 square feet of workout heaven. My friend and I had hundreds of weights, several classes, and a pool workout to choose from. We went with a spin class and loved it. It was difficult, but the instructor was entertaining and the music was good. We lifted weights after the workout and spent most of the time people watching. There was a nice mix of regular people with super hot actor/models or that’s what we thought anyway.

We didn’t go in the spa, but it looked beautiful. To be honest, the best part of the gym for us, and the feature I keep talking about, was the latte machine in the cafe. We were able to work out really hard and then get a latte to sip before we went into the sauna. (Okay, we didn’t go into the sauna, we sat outside and chatted in the quiet room until the other people left.)

The women’s locker room, like the rest of the gym, was huge and fancy. It had Kiehl’s products, which like a gym membership, I’m too cheap to buy on my own. It was fabulous.

It’s pricey, but I would highly recommend this gym.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but my friend and I had free access to the gym for the day. 




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  1. Annie Frances 11 August, 2016 at 14:36 Reply

    I totally agree, gym childcare centers have great activities for children to participate. I have taken my kids to the gym child care from time to time, and they love it. They usually come home with wonderful stories of what they did. It also expands their horizons because they get to experience new things that they wouldn’t otherwise.

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