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American Princess: Life and Comedy at the Renaissance Faire

Jamie Denbo at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

What would you do if you caught your fiancé engaged in something very inappropriate on your wedding day?

If you’re like the lead character Amanda in American Princess”, the new series showing on Lifetime, you’d get the heck out of dodge, drinking quite a bit of alcohol along the way, and find yourself at a Renaissance Faire.

Amanda finds acceptance at the Ren Faire, but of course her family and friends back home assume the worst, going so far as to host an intervention. Comedy will no doubt ensue as the series rolls out.

Writer/Producer Jamie Denbo at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Writer/Producer Jamie Denbo at the Ren Faire

Renaissance Faire As a Way of Life

The story is based on the real-life experiences of write/producer Jamie Denbo (not the cheating groom part, though).

Denbo fell in love with Ren Faire life back in her 20s and worked at them on and off for years, as she also built her acting, writing, and producing career.

Jamie Denbo with men of the Queens guard at Renaissance Faire Los Angeles
Denbo with members of the Queen’s Guard

Denbo has had recurring roles on “Orange is the New Black”, “The Good Place”, “F is for Family”, “Speechless”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. She had key roles in films like The Heat, Spy and Daddy’s Home. And for 12 years, Jamie embodied Beverly Ginsberg of “Ronna & Beverly” –  a cult alt comedy act that was a live show, TV show and podcast (with guests like Jon Hamm, Connie Britton, Michael Strahan, Bob Odenkirk, Jack Black, Leslie Grossman, Paul Feig, Ben Platt, Will Arnett, Michael Bolton, etc.).

Denbo took time to give MomsLA a tour of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire this Spring, to give us some background on the show.

Jamie Denbo with the Queens Guard at Renaissance Faire Los Angeles
The Queen’s Guard are pretty fun

American Princess on Lifetime TV

“American Princess” debuts on June 2 on Lifetime TV and is based on Jamie Denbo’s first role working at a Renaissance Faire in her 20s. The show follows Manhattan socialite Amanda Klein (Georgia Flood) as she runs off to join a Ren Faire after discovering her fiancé is cheating on her hours before their wedding. Show also stars Lucas Neff (Raising Hope) and Rory O’Malley (Book of Mormon, Hamilton).



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