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Amplify Sleep Away Camp for Girls: What’s New This Year

This is a sponsored post.

Amplify Sleep Away Camp in Ojai is a music camp for girls.

Last year, after we started working with Amplify Sleep Away Camp, I recommended the all-girl camp to a friend. Her daughter, Allie, attended last summer and said she had a wonderful time. Girls who attend the camp learn how to play an instrument, form a band and put on a show.

I asked Allie what a typical week at camp was like. “You come in and they immediately have you hold an instrument.” They were taught the anatomy of the instrument, how to hold it, how to read music and how to play. She chose the bass. Some of the girls could already play, but there were a lot of girls like her who were learning their instrument for the first time.

The staff was very nice and also very talented, she said. They not only play the instrument they teach, they played all of the instruments. It was inspiring to Allie to learn from such skilled women. “I see all these talented bass players there and I want to be like them.” By the end of the week, the girls put on a concert.

Every day is spent learning music, but it’s also spent doing traditional summer camp activities. The girls go swimming, hike, do a ropes course and do cool projects. This year, girls will learn how to make musical special effects as part of their musical technology program. Allie said she got quite a lot out of the seminars, which encourage inclusivity, challenge gender stereotypes and allow the girls to express themselves. “It was really powerful,” she said.

Allie’s summer camp experience went well beyond her time at Amplify. Allie and a few of the girls in her camp band formed their own band outside of camp and they meet fairly regularly. She said she’ll remember the people most of all.

Amplify has made it easier for the girls to keep in touch by creating an online newspaper. Campers come from all over the country and the world including New York, China, India and Africa. Girls post articles, photos and videos on the site. As part of the camp, the girls work with music journalists to write articles that appear in the local paper. They also learn photography and videography.

The camp, in an air conditioned facility in Ojai, California, is for girls 10 to 17 years old. For more information, visit Make sure and use our discount code, MomsLA, at checkout.

Amplify Sleep away CAMP

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Girls Rock SB. All opinions are my own. 

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