Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Talk Mother/Daughter Relationships

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer at the Snatched junket in Santa Monica, California

This Mother’s Day, treat yourself to an hour plus full of belly laughs. Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer are hilarious as the helicopter mom and her narcissistic daughter in the R-rated comedy Snatched, coming out this Mother’s Day weekend.

It’s the perfect movie to see with your mom – if your mom is down with raunchy humor and a good look at mother/daughter relationships. Schumer and Hawn have great chemistry and moms and daughters can totally relate when Hawn smears sunscreen all over her bikini-clad daughter at a romantic Ecuadorian resort.

Linda (Goldie Hawn) and Emily (Amy Schumer) in a scene from Snatched at the resort pool

Linda (Goldie Hawn) and Emily (Amy Schumer) in a scene from Snatched at the resort pool

Hawn referenced her own life as a mother to play Linda, she said at a recent press junket hosted by 20th Century Fox in Santa Monica to promote the film. She said there are certain things that mothers do automatically for their kids like stopping them from falling into potholes.

“…when they’re little, I think that’s who you should be as a mother, right? But, unfortunately, there’s no transition that’s made. As they get older, they’re going to have to fall in their own potholes. And that’s when you have to learn to let go,” she said.

Linda has a hard time letting go and maybe clings a little too hard to her adult daughter. Hawn told the story of the goddess Demeter, whose daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and dragged down into the underworld. Demeter was so distraught that earth was plagued by eternal winter. She makes a deal and gets Persephone back for half of the year, creating spring and summer.

“And it’s a very powerful image because when your daughter leaves, not always your son, but when your daughter leaves, it feels different, and you feel weak, and you are aging. And it says a lot of things about you losing your youth and your vitality because you have to pass the baton to your daughter.

And that’s a very sometimes unconscious reason, ‘Why do I feel depressed? Why do I not feel happy? Why do I not feel sexual? Why am I sad? Why do I cry for no reason? These are the kind of things that women need to know.”

Linda’s life isn’t full in the way other women’s lives are and she and uses her role of taking care of Emily to not feel things, Hawn said.

I have to say that you could have heard a pin drop in the room while Hawn was talking to the group of writers and parenting bloggers. It was like having a one on one therapy session with the most charismatic therapist on earth. Then she said this, which I think is really wonderful advice for any mom:

“So, mother/daughter relationships have huge implications of who are you. How have you lost your power? How do you regain your power? You don’t regain it by telling your kids what to do, and you don’t regain it by putting sun guard on them. You regain it becoming a friend and a person that you can talk to and share with and be intimate with and sometimes tell things you don’t want to tell anybody else. So, that’s trust.

So, I think it’s our job is to allow our children to breathe, and then they come back.”
Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer at the Snatched junket in Santa Monica, California

Schumer then talked about writing a wonderful scene in the movie where Linda talks about what it’s like to have her daughter grow up and out of her life. She collaborated with Hawn to make it just right. She also pulled from her own relationship with her mom who she has a running joke with; when you work at a factory there’s always a sign that says “24 Days Without Incident.” When you’re with your mom, every hour is like that.

” You just spent the time with your mom. It’s like those last couple minutes, you’re like, okay, okay, like the finish line. But, then you also, you want your mom. You say you crave your mom and that connection. There’s nothing else. And that’s the person that you want to be there for you,” Schumer said.

Her mom was with her at the premiere, holding hands during some parts of the movie. Schumer said she was sure her mom knew which of the parts had come from her.

” And she laughed louder than anybody. Anything I’ve ever written or said about my mom she’s seen it and agreed on it.

Then at the end of the movie, we were both bawling. And it was like at the screening where it was editors, and it was inappropriate, I would say. And it caught me by surprise and it was important to me like have this kind of love letter to her like I get it and you did the best I could and I want to be grateful for you. And, you know, it’s the most complicated relationship in the world, right?”

Right. And to celebrate that complicated relationship, I recommend taking your mom or girlfriend to see Snatched this weekend.

Here’s a special message from Goldie and Amy:

And here’s the hilarious trailer made even better because it includes one of my favorite songs, Soy Yo:

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