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An Open Letter to our Community

Los Angeles:

Black Lives Matter. Justice Matters.

We are heartbroken at the murder of George Floyd and the too many people of color, with little or no justice. We want to see the system change and we know you want that, too.

We are heartened by the scenes of peaceful protest, and we are saddened by the acts of violence and destruction. We hope that peace will be restored soon, and that no one else is hurt.

If we want to see change we need to get to work.

The protests have to be just the beginning. They won’t change anything if we don’t do the work now. In fact, there are those who will use them as an excuse to try and stop change from happening.

Don’t let that happen.

Don’t get distracted, and help others stop getting distracted from the bigger picture.

We must do the work.

This work won’t get anyone on the news, it won’t be sexy, and it may take a long time. But that’s how racial and economic inequality can change.

Start by listening. Listen to people of color you know – and those you don’t. Don’t speak without thinking.

Get people of color elected, to offices at every level.

Work with our elected white officials and help them make changes while they’re in office.

Work in and with financial institutions and make sure people of color have access to capital.

Help end predatory lending practices.

Support grocery stores and healthy-food restaurants in areas known as Food Deserts.

Parents, we can do a lot.

Notice what happens in your child’s classroom, or at the playground. Speak up when you see children of color being marginalized.

Work to better fund our schools, and give all kids a better education.

Join the PTA at your local schools, even if your kids don’t attend – and donate money. Help them set up field trips, or stock their library. Volunteer. Be of service.

Mentor local teens, help them get the kind of jobs that will lead to building wealth. 

Do what you can.

Need resources? This Google doc has tons of links: to podcasts, books, videos, etc. 

Please share your ideas and the voices that have inspired you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.