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Back to School Gear, Supplies and Clothing For Kids

Back to School gear, clothing and supplies

Summer has flown by way too quickly and, if you can believe it, it’s time to get the kids ready to go Back to School! We want to help you get ready so we’ve chosen some of our favorite back to school gear for kids. Just so you know, there are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you buy something on our list, we’ll get a little bit of money. Happy Shopping!

Back to School gear, clothes and supplies


I used to think that JanSport backpacks were all navy blue or khaki like when I was growing up. Now, they come in so many cute patterns and colors. They’re also durable (my husband still has his college backpack) and affordable; they run between $25 and $60.



I love this lunchbox because it has everything you need in one package for less than $20. The PackIt lunch bag has a freezable gel liner. The lunchbox folds down to allow you to put it in the freezer overnight. I don’t know how many times my boys have come home without the ice packs in their lunch. With this lunchbox, most everything I send with them will come home.

School Supplies

These waterproof name labels and tags from Mabel’s Labels will stay put on your child’s brand new school supplies. They have a large assortment of adorable labels including Hello Kitty. If you’re child has an allergy, be sure to check out the allergy labels for food containers.

These are some of the supplies that teachers have asked for in the past. Glue sticks, pencils, lysol wipes and notebooks are good to buy in bulk because, along with tissue, teachers seem to always need them.



Every child should start the school year with a Wonder Woman t-shirt. This soft, 100 percent cotton shirt runs small so size up.

I love these Lucky & Me Jada Girls Bike Shorts that girls can wear under their dresses, skirts and uniforms.


Hudson Girls Dolly Skinny Jeans are all the rage, I’m told. These jeans are cute, not too ripped and have enough stretchy spandex. Reviews say they run large.

My youngest son is starting Middle School next week (I can’t believe it!) and he needs a uniform for the first time. I did a sponsored Back-to-School campaign with JCPenney and I found so many deals for the pieces of his uniform. He needed black shorts, white, black or gray polos and black or white shoes. The shorts were really cute quick-dry that look like nice shorts, but he can wear them to play sports. The polo shirts were soft cotton and looked durable, which is important because they need to last all year. Most everything was on sale and I had a coupon that I found online.


The gold in these Adidas Superstar Sneakers make them extra cute. The reviews say they run big so keep that in mind.
I bought these Vans for my son who only likes to wear running shoes. They’re cute, comfortable and he can wear them when he needs to be more dressy.

If you would like to see more of our Back-to-School coverage, visit our page with great content about how to prepare your child to go back to school, scheduling apps for families and the importance of signing up for after school classes. 



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  1. Jae 10 August, 2017 at 14:40 Reply

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing. Especially the JC Penney having clothes that could work for uniforms for middle school!

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