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Bananagrams Wild Tiles — Fun Word Games For Families

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About Bananagrams Wild Tiles

I love word games. Scrabble has always been a favorite in my family so I was excited to try Bananagrams Wild Tiles — a fast-paced crossword game. My husband and I played Bananagrams Wild Tiles recently and enjoyed the fast pacing of the game. I like that each player builds their own crossword board and plays independently. This allowed me to build my own words move my letters around and develop a strategy. It was fun to use all my letters and try to yell “peel” before my husband had used all of his letters up.


How do you play Bananagrams Wild Tiles? Check out these instructions for playing Bananagrams Wild Tiles.

How to play Bananagrams Wild Tiles

The Bananagrams Wild Tiles comes with instructions to play so that you can speed up the game, slow it down, or play solo. These are the Bananagrams Wild Tiles instructions for regular gameplay.

  1. Place all tiles face down in the center of the table, creating a bunch. Wild tiles can represent any letter the player wants and can be changed to a new letter throughout the gameplay.
  2. Have each player take the correct number of tiles from the bunch: 21 tiles for 2-4 players, 15 tiles for 5-6 players, and 11 tiles for 7-8 players. Place tiles face down.
  3. Any player can call out “Split!” and all the players turn their tiles face up and form their own crossword grid.
  4. When a player has used up all of their tiles in a word grid, that player calls out, “Peel” and takes a tile from the bunch. All other players must take a tile from the “bunch”.
  5. Any time during the game, a player may discard an unwanted tile face down to the bunch, but they must take three tiles in return. They must call out, “Dump” when doing so. There is no limit to the number of times players can dump.
  6. Play continues until there are fewer tiles in the bunch than there are players.
  7. The first player to use all their tiles in a connected word grid shouts, “Bananas” and wins that hand to become the Top Banana! At the end of the hand, players must announce what letter(s) each Wild Tile represents so that the other players can inspect the winning hand.

Bananagrams Wild Tiles Rules

If any word in the winning grid is found to be unacceptable, that player becomes the Rotten Banana and is out of that hand. They must return all their tiles face down to the bunch and the game resumes for the remaining players until a new Top Banana wins the hand.

Bananagrams at play
Bananagrams: A fun game for the whole family

What I like about Bananagrams Wild Tiles:

  • Fast-paced play
  • Ability to swap tiles
  • Can play with as few as 2 players
  • Portable
  • Many ways to play

I’m not a very competitive person by nature but the fast pace of this game, along with the fact that I could see how far along my husband was, made me want to win. I also liked that there was no keeping score throughout the game: whoever uses all their letters first wins. This keeps the game fast and makes it so that kids and parents can play together without there being a disadvantage to those with a bigger vocabulary.


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Wednesday 5th of October 2016

Thanks found my bananagram at a thrift store had no instructions

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