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Celebrating Bike Month on the Expo Line Trail

Part of the Metro's extension of the Expo line from Downtown to Santa Monica is a bike trail on part of line. We biked it and it's great.

Part of the Metro's extension of the Expo line from Downtown to Santa Monica is a bike trail on part of line. We biked it and it's great.

This weekend, the Expo Line to Santa Monica officially opens, which means you will soon be able to ride the train from downtown to the beach. To celebrate, Metro is offering free rides starting Friday at noon to very early Sunday morning. We celebrated early by taking advantage of one of the benefits of the line – the Expo Bike Trail.

The Expo Bike Trail at Stuart Street in Santa Monica

The trail runs mostly adjacent to the tracks from the new Overland Station to the new Santa Monica station. We went on a family bike ride on a recent Sunday morning when there was little traffic on the road. The bike path was great for kids.

Bike Crossing in Santa Monica on the Expo Line Trail


We were able to see the stations along the trail. Commuters will be able to secure their bikes in lockers at the station or lock them up on a rack.

 A bike locker along the Expo line in Santa Monica

The trail eventually stops at the Colorado/17th Street station so we took Arizona and snaked down to the bike path at the beach. It was a little crazy with all of the construction going on, but once we got to the beach path, we rode all the way to Marina del Rey. We could have gone back on another great bike trail – the Ballona Creek Bike Path from MDR to Culver City – but we ended up going back the way we came.

Biking the Expo Line trail is a great way to celebrate Bike Month. We can’t wait to use the path more often and try some of the other parts of the path.

I wish all of the bike paths along the Expo line connected to each other. There’s a path at Palms, but it doesn’t connect with the Overland station. This is from the Metro’s website. There is a paved bike path along much of the Expo Line’s second phase — between Culver City and Palms and then between Overland Avenue and Colorado/17th Street in Santa Monica. The city of Los Angeles is working on finding the best route between Palms and Overland Avenue, where the train travels in a narrow trench. There is a bike lane on Exposition Boulevard on the first phase of the Expo Line west of Vermont Avenue. There is a paved bike path between La Cienega/Jefferson Station and Culver City Station. Here’s the Metro’s Bike Map. 

For more information about the Bike Path or the Expo’s opening, visit The Source, Transportation News & Views. 



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