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7 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Camp Super Duper

7 Reasons to Choose Camp Super Duper. #summercamp #losangeles

This post is brought to you by Camp Super Duper

We know, we know.  Choosing the perfect summer camp is TOUGH! There are a lot of camps and many of them look the same. To help you out, we’ve compiled 7 Reasons to choose Camp Super Duper out of all of the Summer Camps in Los Angeles.

7 Reasons to Choose Camp Super Duper. #summercamp #losangeles

1) Diverse Programming and Activities – We do a bazillion different things every day at camp so that each week, session and summer are different and interesting. And there is something for EVERYONE.

Our amazing activities include Art, Sports, Cooking, Theater, Music, Dance, Yoga, Science, Engineering, Parkour, Capoeira, Gymnastics, Stunts, Sword Fighting, DJing, Podcasting, Songwriting, Music Recording, Filmmaking, Photography, Video Game Design, Knitting, Fashion Design, Tinkering, Comic Book Design, Storytelling, Team Building, Nature Education, Wacky Games, Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Herbal Apothecary, Mindfulness, Remote Control Cars, Ga-Ga, Relay Races, Obstacle Courses, Bounce Houses, Water Slides, Slip n Slide kickball, Four-Way Capture the Flag, Musical Zoo and Karaoke.

2) Super Duper Has The BEST Staff! – Far and away, the most common compliment we receive from parents is “Your staff is amazing!!” Why? Because we don’t hire kids to take care of your kids.

We hire mature, professional, experienced ADULTS, who also happen to be some of the most fun, unique, quirky, funky, self-actualized people around.

Our ratio of kids to adults is no more than 5 to 1, with two adult counselors for each group of 12-18 kids (depending on age), PLUS an instructor/specialist for every activity, PLUS 5 or more leadership team folks running around make sure everything is awesome and everyone is being attended to.

3) The Camp Super Duper Philosophy – Camp is about community, connection, tribe and relationships. We help kids be the shiniest versions of themselves and allow them to just be kids. We believe in providing learning opportunities vs. discipline and practicing compassion and patience.

4) The Little BIG Things – They are so important, we have to bullet point them.

  • Parent  communication – We make sure that parents know what our kids are up to. We’re available via phone during all camp hours and we send out emails twice a week. For preschoolers, we have a special liaison that sends out daily emails and is easily accessible to parents.
  • Attention to detail – We are ready for any situation and have extra clothes and snacks on hand in case of emergencies.
  • Flexibility – As parents ourselves (founder, assistant director and several staff members), we understand parents and support them.
  • Healthy, mostly organic food – When food is provided during classes or extended care, we only supply high quality food. Parents can also order organic lunches that are delivered daily to Camp Super Duper.

7 Reasons to Choose Camp Super Duper for Summer Camp. #Summer #summercamp #losangeles

5) The LOVE! – First and foremost, you want your child to be somewhere where they are seen, known, understood, welcomed, celebrated and LOVED. After all, of all the basic human needs, the need to be seen and loved for who we are is number one!

At Camp Super Duper, we love people! And we love kids! And we literally make it our business to take the time to know each and every child that comes through our gates, learn about what makes them tick, tune in to what they need in their personal development, and acknowledge, honor and celebrate them for who they are.

6) The FUN! – Of course, every camp is supposed to be fun. But we think ours is just a little more fun.  We don’t just provide fun activities and experiences for the kids to enjoy. We work to infuse fun in every little thing we do, in every moment of the day. In addition to our activities, we have so many unique and zany traditions, rituals, songs, cheers, games, special days, secret handshakes, funny lingo, silly names and weirdo, uniquely Sup Dup ways of doing things.

7) The Kids – You know how great a camp is by how happy the kids are and how eager they are to return. We have many campers who return year after year.

This post was sponsored by Camp Super Duper, a Los Angeles Summer Camp providing a modern take on the traditional day camp with a WIDE variety of age appropriate & CRAZY FUN activities!7 Reasons to Choose Camp Super Duper for Summer Camp. #Summer #summercamp #losangeles



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