The Chicken or the Egg Restaurant in Playa Vista

Looking for a terrific breakfast or lunch right in the heart of Playa Vista? Look no further than The Chicken or the Egg. This adorable spot has killer food and a great location near all the new offices going in to the area. The Millennials who toil away at nearby tech startups are no doubt overworked and underfed, so I suspect this place takes care of what ails them.

Chicken or the egg decor and location Playa Vista

Although I’m neither a Millennial nor a tech startup worker, I loved having the chance to try it out the other day. I took my carpool buddy along so we could catch up on what’s been happening with each other, and the Chicken or the Egg is perfect for that. The atmosphere is homey and cozy, and it never felt like we were being rushed out the door. We took our time, had a fun chat and a delicious breakfast after we dropped off the kids.

chicken or the egg breakfast

My pal ordered a sausage and egg sandwich with a butternut squash & sage gravy – and she loved it. I had the smoked salmon & avocado toast with a poached egg and it was just the ticket. We had to check out a bacon egg and cheese sandwich as well, because why not? Amazing. And even though you might not always order Brussels sprouts for breakfast, that’s just how we roll – and these come roasted with a maple syrup glaze which makes them melt in your mouth.

Of course there’s coffee and lattes – a must – but what’s super fun is the way you can get milk or cream out of this retro dispenser. How fun is that?

clever milk dispenser at The Chicken or the Egg

The menu is full of salads and sandwiches for lunch, so I’ll be going back another time to try those as well.

Parking in the adjacent lot is complimentary for 90 minutes, but be aware that 9am is prime arrival time for the aforementioned Milliennial workers, so you may get stuck in the parking crush if your timing is off. Plan ahead or hunt around – there is street parking available, too.

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of, your source for Things To Do in Los Angeles with Kids. The meals were complimentary for this review.



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