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Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks Talk About Identity, Kids and LEGO Movie 2

Wyldstyle and Emmet in Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

In LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, Chris Pratt gets to see just what the creators of the movie think of him. In the sequel to the wildly popular LEGO Movie, Pratt not only voices Emmet, but his alter ego Rex Dangervest.

“I think there are elements of my personality that really ring through in Emmet Brickowski,” Pratt said during press interviews for the movie.”He’s an optimistic guy, tends to look on the bright side, maybe often times shortsighted in his optimism. So, I think that’s something that’s similar to how I am maybe?”

When the movie’s creators, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller started making the first LEGO movie, Pratt was just the “sweet teddy bear” actor from Parks and Rec, Lord said in a separate interview.

“Since then, he’s become the biggest action hunk movie star in the world.  And so we thought it was funny to have sort of the two sides of him and have a dialogue in the movie, and having him trying to sort of resolve who he is.  Because the truth is he’s still a sweetheart. And he’s still like just as genuine as he was when we were just starting this movie.”

Pratt said that he gets it that the writers would take from his life like they do with the other references in the movies.

“That’s one of this kind of ‘Zietgeisty’ jokes and I thought it was really funny. I’m similar to him, just in the characters that I’ve played, you know, Raptor-training-Guardian-of-the-Galaxy kind of a character…”

Banks joked that Pratt is 70 percent Emmett and 30 percent Rex Dangervest.

In addition to being another clever, joke dense LEGO movie, there is a message about being yourself and accepting people for what they are, not what you project them to be.

In LEGO Movie 2, you find out that Wyldstyle has changed a fundamental part of her appearance. Banks said that in the movie you see the older brother trying to figure out who he wants to be through the LEGO characters. Young people often create strategies to combat those doubts.

“And I think we all have them. I definitely had them. I definitely went and got a perm, even though I already had curly hair. And I spent like a lot of my hard-earned money on it, and all it did was make my hair even puffier and curlier than what it already was. It was like a totally not interesting thing to do.”

I think we all have some version of the perm story. Which is why the LEGO Movie will resonate with kids trying to figure out who they are. And kids who are just there to laugh and enjoy all of the amazing LEGO forms that the LEGOs take.

Pratt and Banks both have young kids. I asked them if they think it’s cool that their parents are LEGO voices.

“Oh, yes. They think it’s cool. I mean, I think they think it’s cooler when they can see us. I mean, for me. I mean, they love LEGO, and they’re really happy I’m in LEGO. And they’re really happy they get a lot of LEGO to play with. They’re happy that they got to cut the line at the LEGO Land Theme Park to get on the rides faster. And they’re really happy to tell their friends about it. And they’re really happy about free popcorn at the premiere. They’re happy about a lot of things,” she said. “Just me being the voice of Lucy, I don’t know how high, I don’t know where it rates on the level of what they’re excited about.”

Pratt’s son is 5 and once he realized that his dad was not only Emmet but also Rex Dangervest, he started to do the voices.

“… and I saw him computing this and he was like, “So, you just change your voice and oh, this is like a job you have. I get it.” And so, he got it, and now he’s going around our house trying to do those voices and I’m helping him. It’s kind of cool. I’m teaching him how to–I’m giving him like vocal lessons on how to laugh into lines and do all these little tricks.”

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is in theaters everywhere on Friday. Click here for ticket information.



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