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CodeRev Tech Camp is a weeklong summer camp for kids ages 6 to 15 at locations all over LA and Southern California. Girls and boys can have programming adventures by designing apps, building robots, and working with 3D modeling and animation.

Campers of all levels – from beginners to advanced – will have fun learning to program. Parents interested in enrolling their child for the first time can call CodeRev to find out which course is the best one for their child. For example, there are two levels of courses for kids who love minecraft and two different robotics classes depending on the age of the child. Campers needing extra help will get it and campers who are advanced will be encouraged to keep learning.

They can do that because the sessions have one instructor to between 5 and 8 students. Code Rev’s instructors all have real-world experience with at least one year of working in the tech space. Plus they have a passion for teaching, said company CEO and Founder Evan Boorman. “I believe in mentorship models where whoever you’re learning from really understands what they’re teaching.”

The curriculum is fun and educational with a focus on STEM education and project-based learning that goes beyond what they learn while at the camp. Kids create projects with code, robotics and digital art that they can then take home to show family and enjoy on their own.

The kids at CodeRev aren’t only learning behind a computer; there are snack and activity breaks plus a fun outdoor activities every day. Campers learn team building and play games.

CodeRev camps are conveniently located in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Encino, Granada Hills, Orange County and San Diego. Each instructor goes through a background check and is CPR certified.

For more information including times, pricing, and course description, visit and use our code, MomsLA17, for $25 off a week of camp.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with CodeRev. All opinions are my own. 



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