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Beginner Saber Camp

Type: Day Camp, Sports


Is your daughter or son interested in sword fighting like a Musketeer, Jedi, Gladiator, Knight, Robin Hood or Joan of Arc? Then FENCING is the answer! During this week-long program, students will learn the basics of the sport through games and fun activities in Southern California’s premier fencing location. While learning this Olympic, NCAA and Ivy League sport campers will discover a strong sense of empowerment, self confidence and leadership. Your child will discover a sport that is both centuries old and completely contemporary because it uses high-tech equipment. Be ready for a fantastic experience.


Address: 2209 Barry Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone Number: 310.473.8890


Website: Beginner Saber Camp

Dates: Jun 11 – 15, Jun 25 – 29, Jul 9 – 13, Jul 23 – 27, Aug 6 – 10

Price: $450/week

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