Camp Super Duper

Type: Day Camp


A 21st century day camp for 21st century kids.  A kaleidoscope of activities, a whole-child, heart-centered philosophy, the BEST staff of fun, quirky, cool, mature, experienced ADULTS,  and more fun than you may be able to handle.  We do everything from Art, Sports & Cooking to DJing, Podcasting, playing in Virtual Reality, Parkour, Go-Karts, Laser Tag & Mini-Golf.  Weekly Water Days, Field Trips, Spirit Days, Theme Days and more…. Come Discover, Create, Connect, Laugh, Play, Grow, and be the YOUiest YOU you can be! Ages 4-17.  Organic Lunch, Extended Care & Transportation available! Come find your Tribe and let yourself shine!


Address: Pilgrim School, 540 South Commonwealth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Phone Number: 866-309-7322


Website: Camp Super Duper

Dates: June 17 - August 16

Price: $420 - $495/week (Early Registration Discounts)

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