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Iceland Skating Rink Birthday Parties

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The Best Kid’s Birthday Party in Los Angeles

Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Party on Ice! Fun, New Experiences and Precious Memories are Guaranteed. Tired to repeat the same routine for your kid´s birthday party every year? Too busy to think of an amusing entertainment program? Want to make this day special for your birthday kid and guests?This year your kid´s birthday party may be special! Iceland ice skating rink now offers a great birthday party idea for celebration of your special event– Ice Skating Birthday in Los Angeles!You can choose one of our exciting birthday packages or create your own ice skating birthday program choosing from the following list of ice skating activities:

Ice Skating Birthday Party

This is by all means the essence and the central part of the Iceland ice skating birthday celebrations. This birthday activity is particularly great since both kids and grown-ups can skate together no matter their previous skating experience. A free 15-minute skating lesson will help you and your guests to learn the basic skating moves and safety rules. Everyone will be able to have fun learning to glide and spin under the guidance of a professional ice skating coach. Skates will be provided at the rental shop free of charge. Protection equipment and walkers are also available on request. Include an ice skating session into your kid’s birthday party package and this positive experience may give a start to a life-time passion for ice sports.

Bumper Cars On Ice Birthday Party

Bumper Cars on Ice Birthday Parties are the claim of fame at Iceland Ice Skating Rink, which is the only ice skating rink in California providing this amazing entertainment. Bumper car riding is a unique and extremely popular activity suitable and fun for all ages! Bumper cars are battery powered inflated tubes controlled by using handles on each side of them. You can make your bumper car glide on ice in four directions, spin and bump into other bumper cars. Bumping is specifically provided for in bumper car design. It is absolutely safe and accounts for the main part of fun experience. There are no age restrictions for bumper car riding. Children under the age of 5 may sit in the bumper cars assisted by adults. Safety belts, special seat backs and amortization system account for absolute safety. Include bumper car riding into your kid’s ice skating birthday program and it will become the culmination of the entire party.




Address: 14318 Calvert St., Van Nuys, CA 91401

Phone Number: 818-785-2171

Email: frozenfun@valleyskating

Website: Iceland Skating Rink Birthday Parties

Price: Prices are $17 per person for ice skating $25 per person for bumper cars and ice skating combo party

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