Furst 5 LA

Mechatronics Mastermind

Type: Day Camp, STEM


Eureka! Kelvin has finally done it! He has created a perpetual motion machine. But what is this?! An evil genius has stolen Kelvin’s masterpiece – oh no! Kelvin is now looking for a trustworthy team to develop and test new gadgets that will help him find and safeguard his perpetual motion machine. Explore the basics of mechatronics engineering and logic based programming as students use littleBits® and work together to design gadgets, tools, and machines that will help Kelvin get out of any sticky situation he may encounter.

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Address: St Monica Catholic Community – Caruso A/B, 725 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Phone Number: (310) 492-6221

Email: beachcitiesla@engineeringforkids.com

Website: Mechatronics Mastermind