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Panther Martial Arts Camp

Type: Day Camp, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Self Defense Belt Promotions, Sports


Give your child (4yrs – 12 yrs), the many benefits of learning Martial Arts. Including self defense, ninja tumbling & focus drills. PANTHER forms, boxing, kicking/stretching/ meditation, weapons (nunchucks and wooden knife) Each of the 2 months will lead your child to belt testing and advancement. PANTHER has been in business for nearly 20 yrs.


Address: 5555 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

Phone Number: 323-301-8855


Website: Panther Martial Arts Camp

Dates: June 17th-August 9th

Price: 1 month $1,140.00 2 months $2,288.00

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