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Professor Egghead Science Academy Virtual Science Camp

Type: Science, STEM, Virtual Camps & Classes


Professor Egghead Science Academy was founded in 2007 with a mission to make science Accessible, Understandable, and Cool. For 13 years, we’ve been doing just that! Our Professors make science come to life with hair-raising experiments, jaw dropping demonstrations, and an energy and passion found nowhere else.

This year, we’re taking camp to the Virtual Laboratory, where each day students will log in for a unique STEM experience guided by their Professor! Just like our in person camps, virtual camps come complete with hands-on experiments, interactive content, videos, awesome demonstrations, and take homes to do at home. Each lesson covers a different science topic, and our experiments are designed to reinforce them through kinesthetic learning – learning by doing!

At the end of the week, all our Eggheads will graduate with a degree – the cheapest one they’ll ever get!

All materials for camp will be shipped to you prior to camp starting and are included in your camp registration, so you’ll have everything you need to have a blast with us!

Here are the themes we’ve cooked up this summer:

June 1- June 5, 9 AM – 12PM


Get ready to strap in and blast off with Professor Egghead Science Academy at ROCKET CAMP! Every day brings a new challenge as we discover the science behind rockets, planes and everything else soaring through the sky. Eggheads will create, build, and test different types of flying machines like helicopters, rockets, and planes. From bottle rockets soaring through the air, parachutes safely floating back to earth, and chemical reactions displaying how these awesome machines work. At the end of the week, campers will earn their wings, and graduate from Egghead Rocket Camp, ready to take to the skies!

June 8- June 12, 9 AM – 12PM


Put your engineering hat on…It’s time to build! Every day at Engineering camp, campers will try to pass a new engineering challenge by designing, building, and then testing crazy contraptions. From the egg drop to the strength bridge, from the tall tower and catapult to the balloon car, Campers will have a blast every day with each new challenge. Just like real engineers, everything they build will be tested along the way, from the giant crush test to the twisting tornado test.  At the end of the week, they’ll be ready to engineer their way through anything!

June 15- June 19, 9 AM – 12PM


Lace up your boots, grab a compass, and buckle up for a week of awesome adventure science with Professor Egghead! All week at camp, Eggheads will learn what it means to be Extreme Explorers as they dig for fossils, make tar pits that bubble, clean up oil spills, race magnetic bumper cars, and make snow! Each day at camp, Eggheads will take home their experiments, and by the end they’ll be true Extreme Explorers. Caution : Fun Guaranteed!

June 22- June 26, 9 AM – 12PM


There’s a mystery to solve! Someone has broken into the Academy, and we need a few good detectives to help track them down! Campers will become super sleuths as they use science to solve all types of mysteries while trying to crack the case. They’ll test fiber samples and dust for fingerprints, analyze some blood samples (fake of course) and experience all types of awesome science demonstrations by their Professor. By the end of the week, campers will become real super sleuths!


Phone Number: 8188563996

Email: [email protected]

Website: Professor Egghead Science Academy Virtual Science Camp

Dates: 6/1 - 6/30

Price: $150 / half day camp (9 AM - 12 PM)