The Writing Club

Type: Creative Writing, Writing Classes


The Writing Club is a series of creative writing classes for 3rd-5th graders. Writers explore fiction and creative nonfiction via prose, poetry, stories, and letters. We will play word games, find inspiration in ten-minute bursts called “free writes” and work on longer narratives as well. We invite those who are excited about writing stories, as well as those who are timid and need a gentle nudge to put pen to paper. We will share, support and inspire one another. This class does not focus on grammar or essay construction, and there is no homework.


Address: Studio A Dance, Hyperion Arts Bldg, 2306 Hyperion Ave, Silverlake, CA 90027

Phone Number: 415-215-1042


Website: The Writing Club

Dates: Hours: Mondays, 4-5pm