Upstander Kids Anti-Bullying Camp

Type: Day Camp, Sports


An Upstander stands up for others whenever bullying occurs. We empower kids 6-12 years old from a Child Development perspective with group activities centered around martial arts, movement, mindfulness & meditation. Camp is designed to help kids build self-esteem, to find an activity for them to be passionate about, and empower them with tools to keep them safe:

Boundary Setting & Self-Defense
Fun Martial Arts training
Yoga & Mindful Meditation
Team Sports, Chess & indoor/outdoor games
Performing/Creative Arts

Confidence & Self-esteem
Grit & a Growth Mindset
Empathy & Kindness
Mindfulness & SEL


Address: 2425 Colorado Ave #120 , Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone Number: (310) 895-5100


Website: Upstander Kids Anti-Bullying Camp

Dates: June 18th - August 17th

Price: $85/day; $400/week - 15% off Weekly Rate with Promo Code MomsLA. (Expires April 30th)

[pw_map address="2425 Colorado Ave #120 , Santa Monica, CA 90404" title="Upstander Kids Anti-Bullying Camp"]
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