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Public Charter School

Aveson Center for Independent Study

Type: Homeschool Program, Public Charter School


ACIS offers a homeschool-style hybrid independent study experience for elementary and middle school students. Our program provides the advantages of highly personalized academic instruction at home while simultaneously providing the social and academic benefits of being part of a school community with a consistent peer base.

All ACIS scholars are encouraged to delve deeply into their passions, build upon their strengths, and maintain a growth mindset when facing challenges. From Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through Eighth Grade, ACIS scholars pursue an exemplary education that is truly designed just for them.


Address: 1919 East Pinecrest Dr., Altadena, CA 91001

Phone Number: 626-797-1440

Email: [email protected]

Website: Aveson Center for Independent Study

Bright Star Schools

Type: Elementary School, High School, Middle School, Public Charter School


Bright Star Schools, a network of high-performing, charter public schools across Los Angeles, provides holistic, inclusive support, rigorous academics, and rich life experiences for our students to find joy and fulfillment in higher education, career, and life.

Founded in 2003, Bright Star Schools operates some of the highest performing charter public schools in Los Angeles. We’re building pathways of seamless, high-quality, kindergarten-through-12th grade public educational models and higher education support.

In nine, tuition-free public schools in three communities, our 3,500+ students experience rigorous academics, inclusive education, social-emotional support, and rich life opportunities beyond the classroom.

Our schools in West Adams/Baldwin Village are Stella Elementary Charter Academy, Stella Middle Charter Academy and Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy.
Our schools in Koreatown are Rise Kohyang Elementary School, Rise Kohyang Middle School and Rise Kohyang High School.

Our schools in the San Fernando Valley are Valor Academy Elementary School, Valor Academy Middle School, and Valor Academy High School.



Phone Number: 323-954-9957

Email: [email protected]

Website: Bright Star Schools

Citizens of the World Charter Schools Los Angeles

Type: Elementary School, Public Charter School


Citizens of the World Charter Schools Los Angeles (CWC LA) is a nonprofit organization that operates a network of high-performing public charter schools across Los Angeles.

Our mission is to create an intimate network of high-achieving, community-based public schools for a diverse community of students, developing their abilities, confidence, and sense of responsibility for themselves and their community as true citizens of the world.

CWC LA currently operates five schools across fives distinct neighborhoods of Los Angeles: CWC Hollywood (TK-5), CWC Silver Lake (TK-8), CWC Mar Vista (TK-8), CWC West Valley (TK-1st), CWC East Valley (opening August 2021).

All of our schools are tuition-free, non-religious public schools committed to socio-economic, cultural and racial diversity. The success of our work relies on our highly-engaged parent community, as well as the support of key partnerships at the school and regional levels. At our schools, parents and the greater community often volunteer countless hours to on-campus activities as well as financially contribute to support each school’s operating budgets.


Address: 5371 Wilshire Blvd. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone Number: 818-330-3050

Email: [email protected]

Website: Citizens of the World Charter Schools Los Angeles

Compass Charter Schools

Type: Elementary School, High School, Homeschool Program, Middle School, Public Charter School, Special Education Resources


Compass Charter Schools is committed to providing a safe, family-centered alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar school. Compass is an ideal solution for all type of scholars who may choose from our Online or Options Programs.


Address: 850 Hampshire Road, Suite P, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Phone Number: 855-937-4227

Email: [email protected]

Website: Compass Charter Schools

Girls Athletic Leadership School

Type: Featured Charter Schools, Middle School, Public Charter School, Special Education Resources


GALS LA is a free all-girls public charter middle school serving students in grades 6-8 in the San Fernando Valley. GALS LA takes a holistic stance to development that recognizes the deep connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body. Through the integration of a health and wellness curriculum addressing the physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs of female adolescents, GALS LA helps students to emerge as leaders of their own lives. The young women at GALS LA have the ability to pursue their strengths and passions, and to understand their responsibility to the local and global community.

The Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles envisions a world where all young women, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to access the skills, knowledge, and self-determination to succeed in secondary school, college, their communities, and the world.

Noted for Social Emotional Learning and Movement Based Learning


Address: 8015 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City, CA 91402

Phone Number: 818-389-1184

Email: [email protected]

Website: Girls Athletic Leadership School