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Disconnect to Reconnect with Chevy Bolt EV

How often do you let yourself unplug? For me, it’s not often enough, that’s for sure. So when I got a chance to drive the Chevy all-electric Bolt EV and find a way to recharge my batteries, I was all in.

As you’ll see, unplugging was the right way for me to do a re-set and come back with more energy, and the Bolt EV was just a terrific car to drive.

iPhone ready to power down
Time to power down.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Like most Moms, I pay attention to my family, my work, my community in real life, my online community, and what’s happening in the world around me on a daily basis, and all that connectedness can ironically leave me feeling disconnected from myself.

Chevy gave me the task of finding a way to reconnect with myself and my spirit by disconnecting from the trappings of my life, if only for a little while. So I chose a day of quiet and relaxation, spending time away from screens, and focusing on my physical and spiritual health.

I spent the day away from my family and my to-do list. I took some time to take care of myself and to check in with myself. I took the Chevy Bolt EV for a beautiful drive down the coast and spent the day at a spa retreat.

Chevy Bolt EV Premier
Chevy Bolt EV Premier in Orange Burst Metallic

My sore muscles were soothed, my skin was rejuvenated, and I gave myself permission to write and read, and to just be quiet, in a beautiful space. It was refreshing to be surrounded by beauty and comfort, and to not feel rushed.

I have never really been much of a journal-keeper, but I really felt the need to write. I reminded myself of my goals and dreams for the year, and re-committed to achieving them.

When I finally got back in the Bolt EV to head home, I was refreshed and rested, ready to plug back into my life with joy.

Chevy Bolt EV Premier rear brake lightThe Bolt EV Premier

I loved driving the Bolt EV Premier. I couldn’t stop talking about how cute it was, first of all, and it was a pleasure to drive. It’s loaded with tech that I found delightful, even though it’s a small car it was plenty roomy inside and I sat up nice and tall in the seat, and it was really zippy!

I am an ideal electric car owner; most of my driving consists of short errands – picking up kids, shopping at the grocery store – usually no more than 2-3 miles at a time. Other than taking the Bolt EV down PCH for my get-away day, I only drove the car around town, in traffic, and even that was pleasurable.

The Bolt EV is said to have a range of 238 miles on a full charge, and it’s gets the equivalent of 119 MPG. Pretty awesome. Other than being nervous about it, I probably didn’t even have to charge the car’s battery all week.

back up camera and overhead camera in Chevy Bolt EV

The camera system in the Bolt EV is terrific. The back-up camera is great, of course, but there are cameras all around the car, and somehow they can even see down from above. (Magic?) There’s even a camera in the rear-view mirror, perfect for when my tall family members are sitting in the back seat!

I have a new handbag, too big to fit on the middle console, so I left it in the back seat, and the Bolt was kind enough to remind me it was there! And did I mention it has it’s own wi-fi hotspot?

rear seat reminder in Chevy Bolt EV Premier
How nice is that??

I took advantage of the OnStar navigation system, the Sirius XM radio (the 70s on 7 – where have you been all my life?), and the Apple Car Play system that connected to my phone without having to plug in, allowing me to make hands-free calls and texts.

Of course, the Bolt EV needs to be plugged in to recharge its batteries, and I was able to do that at home and when I found a ChargePoint station.

Chevy Bolt EV plugged in at ChargePoint station

I loved driving the Chevy Bolt EV, especially knowing that I wasn’t burning fossil fuel, but mostly because it was comfortable and fun to drive. I am grateful to Chevy for giving me the opportunity to borrow the car, and to unplug from my life for a lovely day of recharging my batteries.

time to unplug power down iPhone

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of She was loaned a Chevy Bolt EV for a week and given a day to unplug at a spa retreat by Chevy. All opinions expressed here are her own. The Chevy Bolt EV Premier model has a sticker price of $43,000 as shown.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.