Dog Days Movie Review and Premiere

Eva Longoria and Rob Corddy in Dog Days Movie. #dogdays #evalongoria

If your family loves dogs, romantic comedies and Los Angeles, you should see the Dog Days movie, which is in theaters now.

Eva Longoria and Rob Corddy in Dog Days Movie. #dogdays #evalongoria

Dog Days is a sweet movie that follows a group of nice people and the dogs who love them.

Nina (Nina Dobrev), a Los Angeles morning show host, discovers that the real dog in her relationship is her boyfriend who she catches cheating on her in her own bed. She takes her dog to see a therapist (the hilarious Tig Notaro) because “he’s” having a hard time getting over the breakup.

Their hard time carries over into her work resulting in a “meet cute” with an adorable former pro football player (Tone Bell).

He has a dog. She has a dog. They go to the dog park. They become co-hosts. But it’s not all a dog walk in the park.

Nina Dobrev and Tone Bell in Dog Days Movie. #ninadobrev #tonebell #dogdays

The same goes for Tara (Vanessa Hudgens), a barista who rescues a chihuahua. She has a crush on the hot Veterinarian at an animal shelter, while the shy shelter owner has a crush on her.

The other storylines involve an irresponsible brother (Adam Pally) finding his purpose as he takes care of his sister’s dog while she has twins, an older, isolated widow who loses his dog and the earnest family (Eva Longoria, Rob Cordry) that finds it.

Adam Pally in Dogs Days movie. #adampally #dogdays

One thing that bothers me about a lot of movies set in Los Angeles is that they don’t reflect the city we live in. That isn’t the case with Dog Days. The cast has some diversity and they go to places in Los Angeles that you’ll recognize like Griffith Park, the Santa Monica Pier and Grand Park. (One part that doesn’t reflect reality is when a couple goes to a beach dog park. There aren’t any beach dog parks in Los Angeles.)

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Dog Days has some laughs, a lot of very cute dogs and few surprises. In these last weeks of summer, Dog Days is a good way to get out of the heat and spend some time with kids. Dog Days is rated PG and has some swearing, pot talk and use (a dog eats a pot brownie), and suggestive talk that may or may not go over kids’ heads.

Dog Days Premiere

My family and I went to the Dog Days premiere at Westfield Century City with stars of the film. Like the Dog Days movie, it was a fun Los Angeles experience. I taught my boys the subtle head nod to point out a celebrity sighting without saying loudly, “Hey, Julie Bowen is right behind you!”

We also chatted with the lovely folks from the Michelson Found Animals center in Culver city. The organization helps find forever and foster homes for animals and also spays/neuters and registers pets. For more information on the center visit, FoundAnimals.org.

Dog Days Movie Premiere in Century City. #westfieldcenturycity #dogdays #dogs

Disclosure: My family and I were invited to the premiere. All opinions are my own. 

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